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07 December 2023 / 24. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

ZCSS’s Multiplier Effect

John Maynard Keynes, the famous British Economist whose ideas made a profound impact on the study of Macroeconomics discovered the Multiplier effect in economics. Through the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme The World Federation has discovered such a multiplier effect in achieving the goal of transforming communities through education.

“To change tomorrow’s world we have to make history today. The development of Human Capital through education is the way to unlock the potential of Humanity.” Shan-E-Abbas Hassam, Secretary General of The World Federation

The World Federation has encountered various individuals who have been sponsored by ZCSS to complete their further education, often go back to their communities and serve in vital posts such as teaching, medicine, dentistry, optometry or Business Development. It is by sponsoring such dedicated students who go back to be the means of development and societal change that serves as an immeasurable multiplier effect to our investment in financing further education.

By being role models and providing vital services in their community the students who have graduated inspire countless number of students to complete their further education and transform their own communities. The students who complete our Further Education programme and then go on to work willingly also pay back their loans so ZCSS could sponsor more students in Further Education. Therefore by sponsoring one student not only do we ensure the future of that student, we ensure their family’s future, and the future of their community.

The return on your investment of £660 per year is not only benefiting one person but also a whole community, and you are benefiting society by creating a chain of graduates as your investment is reinvested. The beauty of ZCSS’s multiplier effect is the fact that your investment is reinvested countless number of times to achieve the development of communities through education.

Sponsor a child today in further Education and see the fruits of your investment for just £55 a month. To sponsor a child please email [email protected]

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In November 2014, Mwanatumu Hamza will complete her Bachelor of Arts with Education Degree from Kampala University. Reaching this milestone has not been easy for Mwanatumu.

This is a story of how a ZCSS graduate is now a sponsor for the scheme, which helps children in deprived areas receive an education.

In the town of Chakwal of Punjab Pakistan, where education is difficult to obtain there are 4 students who were given the opportunity to attend school. Through the support of Zainabiyya Child Sponsorship Scheme (ZCSS) they were able to focus solely on their education and successfully completed 10th class and achieved A+ grades.