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07 December 2023 / 24. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

ZCSS Muharram 1435 Appeal: Developing potential and creating opportunity

Alhamdulillah, students who have received assistance through the Zainabiyya Child Sponsorship Scheme (ZCSS) program have moved on to complete their education and started building careers which allow them not only to become self-sufficient and independent but also improve the lives of their families.  They are becoming the first generation in their families to receive an education and secure skilled work as a means to earn their living. They are uplifting themselves and their families from the cycle of poverty through education.

When speaking to these individuals, every one of them are thankful towards those who have supported ZCSS ~ the path that ultimately allowed them to create successful lives for themselves.

Meet Ahmed
Ahmed’s father was elderly and was unable to earn an income to support his family or support Ahmed in his studies.  Through ZCSS, Ahmed was able to complete his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Ahmed having completed his studies, now works for a multinational company in Hyderabad and is able to support himself and his family, who need him even more now after his father passed away.  Ahmed has been able to create a foundation that will support him and his family. 

For a family that has faced several struggles and difficulties on a daily basis, not knowing where their next meal will come from or how they will be able to meet even their basic needs, the fact that Ahmed is now able to give his family the support they need and lift them out of the cycle of poverty is immeasurable.  Education allowed this family to beat the odds and create a better life.

Meet Mirza
Mirza was in a similar position and needed support with his education.  Again, through the ZCSS program , he was able to complete his B. Tech and now also works for a multinational company in Hyderabad.  Without an education, Mirza would not have been able to take his family from the shackles of poverty and provide them with the assurance that they need to have a comfortable life.  The peace of mind that Mirza’s parents can have knowing that their son is able to earn a salary and not have to struggle each day allows them to feel safe and secure.

Mirza is not only able to put food on the table and clothes on their backs, but can promise his family that they need not worry about the future – a gift that every child wants to give his parents. 

ZCSS has made a difference in the lives of thousands ~ but this would not be possible without the support of sponsors like you. 

ZCSS works in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Haiti. The scheme started with a humble few students and over the years has supported over 25,000 students, many of whom who have succeeded in changing their lives, the lives of their families and their communities.

Read success stories of children who have benefited through ZCSS.

Support ZCSS

Purchase a Justice sweatshirt from your local Jamaat today!

By purchasing a Justice sweatshirt you will be help to support a child’s education.  All proceeds of sweatshirt sales will go to the Zainabiya Child Sponsorship Scheme to sponsor students in Primary and Secondary Education. 

Printed with the text 'To what length will you go for... Justice. Can we live like Imam Hussain (AS) & his companions?', the word Justice  has been translated into 10 languages, including Chinese, Gujurati, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Bonsian, Swedish, & Swahili. 

Order your sweatshirt

Sponsor a child today
Now more than ever, more students need your support.  This Muharram, The World Federation is seeking 2,000 sponsors to help educate more deserving students. 

• Will you honour the sacrifice of Imam Husayn (AS) and his family by supporting a needy child?

• Will you join others to earn sawab-e-jariya? 

• Will you sponsor a student today and help them overcome poverty through education?

You can change the life of a child for only:
• £10 GBP / $20 USD per month (for pre-school, primary and secondary education), or
• £55 GBP / $90 USD per month (for post-secondary education)

Help build a future for a deserving child – sponsor a child today!

For more information about ZCSS please email [email protected]  to request a brochure with detailed information about the program.

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“Educate & Empower”.  The powerful words of the Vice President of The World Federation Of KSIMC, Munawer Bhai Rattansey, in a speech delivered to the community of Hyderi Islamic Centre in south London, where he launched the Ghaza and Muharram appeal.  He inspired the audience to “Be the reason for Success” and to work together in helping providing assistance to those in Gaza.

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