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22 March 2023 / 29. Shabaan 1444

Zainabiya Breast Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Centres Screen & Test over 10,000 Patients With Breast Lumps

The Zainabiya Breast Cancer Screening Centre was established in Mianwali in Pakistan in 2012 and was intended to meet the growing needs of the Pakistani women who knew little about breast cancer.



Research showed that 90,000 out of 1 million global cases of breast cancer occur in Pakistan but out of the 10% who were diagnosed, only 25% sought treatment. This is something The World Federation were very passionate about changing. Research also showed that the women in Pakistan get the disease at a far younger age than Western women and unfortunately it often goes undetected until the 3rd or 4th stage.



The Zainabiya Centre aims to bring awareness of breast cancer through seminars; local newspapers, cable network and the local FM radio station. The centre organises medical camps in different parts of Mianwali to detect breast lumps and those who have been identified to have them are offered a mammography and FNA (Fine Needle Biopsy) to diagnose the nature of the lumps. Thanks to your donations, we are able to provide these services at a minimal charge and often at no charge at all. The Breast Cancer Screening Centre has made a large impact to the health and wellbeing of women in Mianwali, so much so that Noori Hospital in Islamabad has also joined forces and is treating women referred to them by The Zainabiya Breast Cancer Screening Centre at no charge, which is an incredible step in achieving our goal to diagnose and treat as many patients as possible.



Since 2013, 356 patients, who had breast lumps, have been checked at the Centre and 116 positive cases diagnosed.

The Zainabiya Clinical Laboratory was set up to compliment the Screening Centre and provide services at affordable rates and operating at no profit. The World Federation established the Clinical Laboratory in June 2013 and to date, 9,860 tests have been conducted!

The current average cost required per month to run and maintain the breast screening of the women visiting the centre, as well as the costs involved in diagnosing the disease is USD 1,000.

The amount of donations we have received towards this project so far has been outstanding! We are so grateful for the response our community has provided in this matter and it is solely down to this response that we are able to announce that the Zainabiya Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Centres will become self-sufficient by the year 2016! This is a project we have been particularly passionate about as it allows people a fair chance at beating this disease. Your donations could have given someone the test and treatment that saved their life and for that they will be eternally grateful.


Projects such as these are continuously in the works and if you would like to get involved with and support our health projects, you can donate here.


To find out anything more about the Zainabiya Centres and our other health projects, please contact us at [email protected].