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27 September 2023 / 12. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

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Patna - Aeinullah Eye Clinic

In a population of 1.2 billion, nearly a third of the population requires the services of an ophthalmologist and the facilities exist for those who can afford it. However, amongst the lowest income households where the demand is increasing the service does not exist. The World Federation provides funding in full for the work carried out by the eye clinic in Patna, which is open every weekday.

Bangalore - Aeinullah Eye Clinic

The needs of the area compelled The World Federation to inaugurate its second eye clinic in Bangalore in June 2001. In January 2003, the clinic was upgraded into a fully equipped eye hospital. This led to an increase in the range of services provided, utilising the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to this effect.

The hospital is open 5 days a week and treatment is undertaken by a team of renowned ophthalmologists. The services provided at the hospital include surgery for cataracts and other eye diseases. In 2011 the clinic was renovated and transformed into a state of the art facility providing eye care of highest standards. The income generated from the people who can afford to pay is used to subsidise the treatment of low income patients by over 50% and, in some cases, patients are treated free of charge. 

Lucknow - Aeinullah Eye Clinic

In March 2004, the 3rd Aeinullah Eye Clinic was opened in Lucknow. The clinic is open three hours every weekday, where professional ophthalmologists are on hand to provide treatment. A nominal fee is levied upon the patients who can afford it and waived entirely for those who cannot. Many patients cannot even afford to purchase eye drops, spectacles or medication despite receiving free treatment at the centre. The clinic caters for this by supplying them with the necessary medication alongside their treatment.


Mianwali - Aeinullah Eye Clinic

Mianwali is populated by 85,000 people and is rife with poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. Thousands of individuals suffer from treatable glaucoma and cataracts.



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