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26 March 2023 / 4. Ramadhan 1444

Lend A Helping Hand

“Take advantage of health, before you fall sick…” - The Holy Prophet (s)

The Zainabiya Polyclinic in Lucknow was set up with the aim to provide medical advice and services to those who cannot afford them in order to give them a better shot at life.

The clinic not only treats patients within its premises, but also organises free medical camps in nearby remote villages so that people in these areas can take advantage of the free treatment provided.

Earlier in the year, the polyclinic held a free medical camp and treated around 2,000 patients at Jogipura, Najibabad District, Bijnor.  This coincided with a period of annual majalis gatherings from 29th May 2014 to 1st June 2014. The majalis were attended by approximately 250,000 mo’mineen who converged from different parts of the country.

The camp was held under the supervision of Dr. Parvez Alam, Dr. Ghazanfar Abbas and Dr. Sikandar Abbas. Patients were offered medical consultation and medicines free of charge.  40% of those treated were women while half of the remaining 60% were men and the other half children.

The doctors also attended to patients with serious conditions who were unable to visit medical camp and provided medical facilities on site. Patients who needed to be referred to nearby hospitals transported there via ambulance for free.

The Zainbiya Polyclinic has been providing services to those who need it since 2009.  They are constantly in need of support in order to maintain the quality of their service and increase their reach.  If you would like to help this or any other medical service programs being organised /maintained by The World Federation, please contact us on [email protected].

You can read more about our different projects including this one and donate online through our website as well.