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26 March 2023 / 4. Ramadhan 1444

1,686 patients treated for free at five medical camps in Sindh, Pakistan

The World Federation of KSIMC in partnership with Zahra (A.S.) Academy organised free medical camps in five different villages of Tehsil: KN Shah, situated in remote areas of Pakistan where medical care is not readily available and unfordable to those who are barely making ends meet in the meagre wages that they earn. The camp was held between the 11th and 15th of January 2015. 

Services were given freely to all those who attended regardless of creed, caste or colour.  Many of the sick required only basic treatment and the knowledge that someone cared was enough to energise them and set them on the path to recovery and good health.Patients also came from surrounding villages suffering from seasonal, chronic and epidemic diseases such as scabies, hypertension, diabetes, allergies, digestion disorders, malaria, typhoid, asthma and the common cold.

A total number of 1,686 patients were examined and given required treatment and free medication. Follow up treatment advise as well as protective measures to take were also part of the services provided.

Table below shows number of patients treated at each medical camp:

Below are stories of three beneficiaries from the camps:

Zawar Ghulam Hussain - Village BegoDero:

An old man who was unconscious when brought to the free medical camp by his much worried family.  On examination, it was noted that the patient was taking the wrong medicines which prescribed by a common man. He was advised to stop them and given suitable medication to use. He is now quite well and his family is very happy.

Ruqiya Bibi - Village Sialki:

A middle-aged lady who had been suffering from fever for a long time, she got treatment and medicine from a clinic situated in a town nearby.  It turned out that she was taking expired medicines that were affecting her badly. She was examined by the doctor and given appropriate medicine which she took for only a week and is now better.

Master Ghulam Asghar - Village Pejahu:

A month-old baby brought in by his mother with the complaint that he was crying the whole night and also had a high temperature. Upon careful examination, it transpired that he had an ear infection caused by the dry winter season. Relevant medicine was given him and advised his mother some necessary precautions.

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