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04 March 2024 / 23. Shabaan 1445

Regional Meetings August and September 2020

The WF Office Bearers have had very constructive orientation and introductory meetings with five regional members in August and September. The meetings between the regions took place on the following dates:

9th August - Pakistan Federation
19th August - India Federation
4th September – CoEJ
5th September – FAC
26th September – NASIMCO
Meeting with AFED is pending and is planned to be convened soon  

The President of The World Federation, Al-Haj Safder Jaffer said, “Each region has unique needs and our team offered our fullest support to strengthen the work at regional level. The meetings that we held with the five regions were cordial, frank and productive. We agreed to continue the engagement process more frequently and focus on the immediate pressing needs faced by various regions with specific timelines of achieving those milestones’.

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