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28 February 2024 / 18. Shabaan 1445

10,000 Steps Challenge

This January, join our community to walk 10,000 steps a day by taking part in the 10,000 steps challenge!

Our resident health & lifestyle fitness guru, Dr Mahmood Mawjee will be leading our new community health challenge, which is all about improving your lifestyle and keeping you fit by walking towards 10,000 steps a day.

It may sound a lot, but when you walk from the car park to the supermarket, you’re already well on your way to hitting your goal. By increasing the number of steps you walk on a daily basis, you gain so many benefits, including, weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease, strengthened bones, increased strength, improved sleep and so much more!

Your journey to a healthier lifestyle starts here! Register your interest now and receive motivational videos, as well as useful tips and ideas to make sure you reach your goal!

View our weekly motivational tips below.


10,000 is the magic number

Walking 10,000 steps is the recommended daily minimum required for a healthy active person, but health professionals say most of us only walk 4,500 steps a day. On average, taking 10,000 steps equates to walking roughly five miles and burns a staggering 500 calories!

Each morning, many of us will wake up from an 8-hour lie down, only to prepare for an  8-hour sit-down! With this in mind, the 10,000 steps challenge is designed to give you everything you need to get up out of that chair, move more and sit less.

Did you know: Just 20 minutes of walking a day cuts your risk of premature death by almost a third. Countless other studies have suggested walking reduces the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer and dementia.


Register your interest - Registration close March 15th 2018.

You don’t need to run marathons to get a significant health improvement, instead, you can get physical and emotional gains from a small amount of daily walking! Register your interest and be part of a fitter, healthier community. When you register, you’ll receive motivational videos, as well as useful tips and ideas to make sure you reach your goal.

You don’t have to achieve 10,000 steps straight away - you can work yourself up, or with others, to get to the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Start small and build up!

We’ll be providing you with more information when the challenge takes off, so don’t miss this opportunity and join us in the 10,000 steps challenge.


Here's what we covered over our 7 weeks for the 10,000 Steps Challenge:

Taking a look back
We looked into various ways to keep up with our 10,000 Steps Challenge. Let's take a quick look back on what we've learnt so far. Click on the week number to go straight into the email.
1. Week One: Getting started, planning your route and the importance of selecting the correct walking gear to match the weather.
2. Week Two: Tracking your steps, tips on how to increase your steps and keeping an incentive between you and your colleagues, family or friends by downloading a leaderboard.
3. Week Three: We shared with you our top 5 motivational tips to get walking and asked you to share your progress with us using #WFFitFam.
4. Week Four: We discussed the positive impacts of walking has on our body. 
5. Week Five: We asked you to share your story with us and you did! Community inspiration is always a great way to get motivated, we introduced our first Facebook group for you to join The World Federation's 10,000 Steps Challenge Group

6. Week Six: We discussed our top tips on healthy eating.

7. Week Seven: Taking a look back and keep walking!

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