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03 March 2024 / 22. Shabaan 1445

Fatima Inspires Nasimco Nominations 2019

Fatima Inspires Nominations 2019 



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Asma Ali

From: Canada


My mother has been my hero. No one has been able to replace her. There is no way I can express my gratitude for her enough. This nomination in doing for her will hopefully show her that whatever she does really means the world, and to never give up on her dreams.


Where can I even start! From everything to everything, she has helped me through everything! My struggles, my sorrows, my emotions, my feeling, my physical emotions and pain, EVERYTHING. You may say “she is a mother, and that’s something every mother does?” But she goes beyond what’s expected. She will always think outside of the box for her children, she will go far and wide to help others, she will be there for her friends, and only expect their friendship.


She NEVER asks for anything, and make it her obligation to get me something when she sees it. I could not be thankful enough for everything she does. And there is nothing I could do to give her back everything she’s done; it’s countless. I always wish the best for her, and will never stop telling her how much I love her. Love you mom, and I hope you will never forget that.


Keep being the amazing person you are, and may Allah send bounties of mercy and blessings on you.


Nominated by: Zahra Ali



Zahra Ali

From: Canada


This is my beautiful almost 13-year-old daughter Zahra. If i could choose one person who inspires me the most, it would have to be her! 


She is my best friend and despite me being her Mom, she has taught me a lot about life itself! She is probably the most loyal person I have ever know despite being just 13.


Her love towards people and generosity towards everyone never goes unnoticed! She is always gentle and caring with younger kids.  She is loving and affectionate, loves hugs and makes me feel like her Queen!


She tries her best to make everyone laugh and is very happy child, full of good manners and a proud follower of the Ahlul Bayt, mashaAllah!. I am proud to call this beautiful girl Zahra my daughter. May Bibi Fatimah (as) continue to bless her throughout her life, forever and always!


Nominated by: Asma Sajid Ali


Gulshan  Alidina

From: Canada


Gulshan is one of the kindest and caring women in our community. She places all her faith in Allah (swt) and places her full trust in His will, which is such a commendable skill to have. She works hard in her field and is continually looking for opportunities to better herself and improve her skills whenever she can. This not only applies to her professional work but also her community work.


She is always willing to lend a helping hand whether it includes applying her accounting skills or serving other women in the community, she finds a way to give back in a meaningful and inspiring way.  I have only known Gulshan for three years but I feel like I have known her my whole life and that is because of the warmth she exudes and her caring nature. I pray for Allah (Swt) to continue to bless her and guide her in all her actions but most importantly, I pray that He continues to enable Gulshan to be an inspiration to all women in our community inshallah.

Nominated by: Khairoon Abbas


Zakira Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla


From: Toronto

Zakira Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla travels worldwide to deliver majalis in three languages in many jamaats and universities, inspiring and counselling women of all ages.


Even in the worst Canadian weather, she travels to meet her commitments (during Fatimiyya 1440/2019 she traveled to the USA and several cities in India).


12,495 people follow her Facebook page. She is a Zakira who has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Education.


For two years she has been on Toronto’s 101.3 FM Radio Prolearning to discuss Mental Health issues, "discussing Mental Health issues especially pertinent to youth such as depression, suicide, eating disorders, materialism, social media addictions, conflict resolution in friendship, spouse selection and adjustment in marriage." She has served on the World Federation Editorial Board and as a Councillor at NASIMCO. Photo of Zakira addressing over 10,000 Shias in Sweden.


Nominated By Mahjabeen Daya


Zakira Shyrose  Dhalla

From: Canada


Zakira Shyrose is a true woman of Inspiration to me

I got to know her closely when she came to recite majalis in India three times over the past year. 
I wish i could encapsulate the way she has inspired me in each and every way and articulate it with transparent ink of  admiration for an ideal soul and a  loving personality like her.

She plays multiple roles in her life as loving mother, daughter , wife, counsellor to all ages , as well as an inspiring award-winning , internationally well-known Zakira or Islamic lecturer and that too in 3 different languages, English, Urdu, Gujrati!

As a youth I am inspired immensely by her to know that one can be educated and living in the West but still wear hijab and even preach Islam! That one can do so much when one has education and a range of languages to communicate in. And that one can aim high when it comes to tabligh and can write a blog, use all types of social media, tv, print journalism, children’s programming, workshops and speeches to spread the message of Islam. 

As a youth I look up to her because she has shown me that one can attain the heights of success and fame by loving Allah swt and by being spiritual. Her story of wearing hijab at the age of 22 yrs and devoting herself to Allah swt has been truly inspiring to me.

It motivates me to strive to stay on the straight path and to do something too for the cause of Islam.

Nominated by: Saleha Badami


Rehana Musa Jaffer

From: Canada

A young lady who inspires many from young to older. Rehana is a mother of 2 with a 3rd one on the way, and is also a foster parent of other 4 kids. At the age of 32yrs she is not only raising her own kids but is also giving a mother's love to other children of the society who need it.

Despite of challenges she is always smiling and makes sure that all her children are equally loved at home.


She is a woman with great kindness, a loving mother, carrying wife and a daughter every parent would want.


 I am proud and blessed to be married to this amazing human being who is working towards kindness and helping others.

Nominated by: Mohamed Hussein Musa Jaffer


Shaznane Kara

From: Toronto

Shaznane is a wonderful inspirational mother. I have learned so much from her. She has a positive disposition and caring attitude towards her own children and other children alike. She’s extremely calm and ensures every child receives love in their own unique way.


Shaznane has started an Instagram page to offer advice and examples of how to show kindness in daily acts and how incorporating a healthy lifestyle is easy and achievable. She is a talented and artistic individual and creates Islamic hands-on crafts for children to engage with enhancing their faith through crafts and games.


She also runs a French camp for young learners and teaches about Islam in French. Shaznane does all this and more with a constant smile on her face and appreciation for Allah’s blessings continuously.


May Allah continue to shower his mercy on this wonderful soul and friend.


Nominated by Sabireen Dharsi



Marhuma Shelina Kermalli

From: KSI Jamaat of Pennsylvania & Husseini Islamic Center

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Masha'Allah, Marhuma Shelina Kermalli, daughter of Marhum Jaffer Devjee, was an amazing person who strove to live her life emulating the characteristics of her role model, Our Lady of Light, Sayyida Fatima Zahra (a).

When she walked in with her beautiful smile, it would light up the whole room. She had this magnetic, bubbly yet humble personality, which made everyone around her feel comfortable. She was an amazing listener and very compassionate. She raised her children with utmost care, creativity and attention to being good Muslims, fostering a love of Ahlul Bayt (a), going to the mosque, and reciting and memorizing the Holy Qur’an.

Being a devoted family member, a Madrassah teacher, Director of United Muslim Foundation, a 'Who is Hussain' volunteer, and writing a storybook titled "Where is my Imam?" are among Shelina's many inspiring accomplishments.

Shelina’s patience in times of trial and her attentiveness to salaat even while in her final moments are only a few examples of her grace through life.

In 2016, her death shook all of us and was a great loss for her family and friends. She is still dearly missed.

Her memory serves as a beacon of inspiration and she will always be one of the #FatimaInspires and #WomenInIslam who reminds us of what it is to be a beautiful Muslimah, inside and out.

May Allah (swt) reward her in the Hereafter for her efforts and dedication to spreading the message of Islam.


Nominated by: Masuma Virji & Fatima Khimji


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