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04 March 2024 / 23. Shabaan 1445

External Tableegh for Muharram 1441(worldwide)


The countries in which had Muharaam activities were:

 Nepal | Bosnia | Ivory CoastMauritius | RwandaMaliMadagascarKenya | Tanzania | Bangladesh | UgandaCuba | Mexico





Muharram functions were held daily for both ladies and gents at the Islamic Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. A total of around 150 attended the daily programmes for the first time since the establishment of the Islamic Centre. Click here to read more.




The External Tableegh department hosted a series of lectures during the month of Muharram 1441/2019 in Bosnia in order to generate interest and awareness in the lives of the 14 Masoomeens (as) and to eradicate doubts and discrepancies with regard to the Shia faith. Click here to read more.


 Ivory Coast


For the first time, various communities in Ivory coast participated extensively in lectures and lessons because these were conducted in French, a language which can be understood by many locals. Find out how these programmes played a crucial role in understanding Muharram.



The World Federation sponsored Muharram activities in Mauritius Island for the local residents. The majalis were held at Imam Jaffer Sadiq Islamic Centre located in Quatre Bornes. For the first time, the audience at the centre had the opportunity to learn about the incident of Karbala. Read more here.




At Maj'maa-el-Itrati Twahira in Rwanda, the organisation conducted Aza-e-Muharram programme in 16 of its centres to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (as). They held daily lectures, Latmiyyah, congregational prayers and food distribution programmes. Some centres also managed to hold blood donations. Read more here. 




As the Shia people of Mali commemorated the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn (as), The World Federation jointly with Who Is Husain (WIH) - France, participated in a contribution programme for drilling a well, enabling clean drinking water for a village in the surrounding areas of Bamako in Mali. Read here to find out more. 




At the Institut of Islamique de Madagascar (INISMA) daily lectures, Latmiyyah and congregational prayers were held at all centres and nyaz was served. Members of the Khoja community visited some centres and joined the local community in commemoration of the Aza-e-Muharram. Read more here.



The Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya held lectures at Bilal Hall in Mombasa where evening programmes were organised during the first 10 days of Muharram. Recitation of the Holy Qur’an followed by lectures, poems and nawhas in Kiswahili and ended with the recitation of Ziyarat and Niyaz. Read more here.




Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania printed over 2,500 Islamic calendars in Kiswahili, and over 600 T-Shirts had the Karbala message distributed to various centres. Books on the significance of Muharram were also printed and distributed. All the centres throughout Tanzania organised gatherings of Muharram lectures with eulogies.

Learn more here.



The World Federation jointly with Orison Charitable Trust sponsored Muharram and Safar programs at 23 different centres throughout the country. The Bangladeshi Shia communities are very much devoted to their religious faith. Read about the 10 day Azadari for Imam Husayn (as) here



Bilal Muslim Mission of Uganda organised programmes that included lectures, matam and the daily prayers which were then followed by nyaz in all the centres. There was also a distribution of Islamic calendars to the centres. Finally, they held a procession for Ashura. Read more about External Tableegh in Africa here



In Cuba, when the Islamic Shia group started their activities in 1999, they were only 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Over time the group secured a centre where all the religious activities are held. They have been working on spreading the message of Islam and Alhamdulillah have succeeded to the extent that the numbers of Shia's are growing. Learn how they spent their Muharram here



The Ameerul Momineen Islamic Centre in Mexico in collaboration with The World Federation organised majalis programmes for their community members. The centre also organised a procession which was attended in good numbers by men, women and children. A water distribution drive was organised where water bottles were handed out to curious passersby. Find out how they managed Muharram here.

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