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17 October 2021 / 10. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1443

ExCo5: Question Time


Click here to read the EXCO5 REPORT 

On Friday 1st November 2019, The World Federation and Regional Federation leadership teams took part in a Question Time style event as part of the Executive Council event in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 


The question and answer event was an opportunity for the local community in Birmingham to quiz the leaders of our community on the issues which matter most to them. It also allowed the leadership teams to speak directly to the grassroots members in order to better understand their views and their needs.


The panel consisted of:

Anwarali Dharamsi – President, The World Federation

Shan E Abbas Hassam – Secretary General, The World Federation

Dr Akbar Mohamedali – President, Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ)

Shabir Najafi – Chairman, Africa Federation

Arif Jacksi – President, NASIMCO

Anver Rajpar - President, Pakistan Federation

Abbas Aly - Secretary General, FAC

Abbas Bhojani – President, India Federation


The event, which was hosted by KSIMC of Birmingham, took place after the wafaat programme. The event was livestreamed, allowing questions from our global community. We received a large number of questions on a variety of topics, and the panel were extremely pleased to see so much engagement from our community. 

The questions received were on topics including the role of women in the community, how to engage youth within the community and questions surrounding WF-AID  and the humanitarian work we do. 

One of the questions posed to the team was regarding support for small businesses and if there were any facilities in place to help community members to start their own businesses. Each regional federation president spoke about how they are providing this support in different ways, from offering business loans to creating a network for business owners.


We will be sharing all of the questions and answers in full detail in the coming weeks inshallah.


WF Secretary General, Shan E Abbas Hassam, said 'we have been doing these question and answer events for the past few ExCos and it’s such a great addition to the event. It’s so valuable to know the opinion of our grassroots members and find out what is important to them. I also find it so motivating to see so many people get involved. We’re a community organisation and we exist to serve our community, the feedback we get from our community is key to our growth and direction’.

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