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04 March 2024 / 23. Shabaan 1445

Boys’ Daily Blog

Tuesday 27th August, 2013

After visiting 2 holy shrines, we visited the shrine of Bibi Shatita. She was highly respected highly by the 7th Imam, and in fact her funeral prayers were led by him.

We then proceeded to the city of Nishapoor where we were taught about the golden chain narration of Imam Ridha (as), his footsteps engraved into a stone and the stream of water created by the 8th Imam. This whole journey was a great experience - but this was one of the highlights.

We then went back to Mashhad to visit the haram and recite Salaat. Inshallah one day I will go back to Nishapoor, Mashhad and Qum.

Written by Suhail Karim of Stanmore

Friday 23rd August, 2013

Participants of the Madinah and Bab al-Ilm short course awoke to a variety of receptions. The outcome of this early start left most boys fatigued, but anticipating an eventful day ahead. Salaat al-Fajr commenced as soon as Shaykh Safdar Razi entered the temporary prayer room, which was followed by a ‘short and sweet’ speech. An abode of chaotic activity followed in which boys were limited to a short period of 5 minutes before rushing onto the awaiting bus in order to reach the Haram for a beautiful recitation of Du’a e Nudba.

By 745am the herd of exhausted students arrived back at the accommodation, and encountered an aroma of fresh naan bread and sweet khoja tea. By 8am the room was silent, bar the rise and fall of their seemingly synchronised breathing patterns.

Soon after, classes started and budding pupils held a passionate open discussion with Shaykh Assad Dharsi. One of the highlights of this liaison was a short explanation about Jinns, and references to them in the Holy Qur’an. This was followed a bidding of farewell to Shaykh Assad, as this was his last lesson. Inshallah, we shall try to implement his teachings into our lives.

The second lesson was shorter due to the approaching time of Jum’a Salaat, however, Shaykh Kumail Rajani did not fail to share a small portion of his vast knowledge with us. Alhamdulillah, he has a beautiful way of interacting with the class, and consequently there is never a lack of concentration and intrigue.

Today, the students were blessed. VIP seats were granted to everyone on the course, and sitting in the front line of the Jum’ah Salaat meant that even the Khutba, though in Farsi, was somewhat captivating. This unique experience will be cherished forever.

Following lunch there was a final lesson by Shaykh Safdar Razi, in which we were taught about Abu Hurayra and the Caliphate of Mu’awiyah. Unanimously, Shaykh’s classes have been remarkable, and his arguments more or less perfect. A unique display of emotion followed the culmination of his class.

Most then enjoyed themselves when taken to a local swimming pool which was surprisingly facilitated. Apart from the satisfying sauna, steam room and cold pool, the main lifeguard  was a professional swimmer and also had an interest in English, and so we were able to communicate without using hand gestures. Following this, we went straight to a kebab restaurant and were contented with the best koubideh in Qum!

To a day packed with grand events and overwhelming exhaustion we bid farewell…

Written by Qayim Kaba of Hyderi Jamaat and Maitham Nasser of Stanmore Jamaat.

Thursday 22nd August, 2013

The clock strikes 5, nearly everyone is up. The ‘five more minutes’ pleas almost non-existent now. Naan goes with everything, Nutella, cheese, butter and even carrot spread. Then, the much awaited chai from Agha Nuri arrives. One sniff and all your fatigue simply evaporates away. “Wah wah” what amazing chai! You try to catch a quick nap but it’s time for football. One does not simply miss out on football. Especially when it’s on a specially laid out 5-a-side astro-turf pitch for the public built by the government. Makes you wonder how a country submerged under layers and layers of sanctions manages to build a football court while Dar-es-Salaam can’t even manage a public park!

It’s been over a week now, the roads becoming familiar, picking up a few Farsi words; a group of strangers we were, now we are a fierce brotherhood! But we still can’t cross the roads on the way to the Hawza. You cannot call yourself Iranian until and unless you master the art of road crossing. I thought the “Daladalas” of Dar were disastrous, little did I know. At least there is no shouting, swearing and unnecessary honking. One of the many pleasures of staying in an Islamic country.

We had lectures by Shaykh Kumail, Shaykh Nadir Jaffer and Shaykh Safdar Razi. We met a Hafidh of Quran and the best part of the day was Dua Kumail in the Haram of Bibi Masuma-e-Qum. What more can a guy ask for, Alhamdulillah! Around a week ago, us ‘whatsapp’ deprived boys looked forward to getting back home to our family, facebook and PS3s. But now we fear the day when this chapter of our lives will come to an end!

Written by Allyzain Ismail of Dar es Salaam Jamaat

Wednesday 21st August, 2013

After yesterday’s enlightening experience at Jamkaran, today started off with a refreshing game of “Khoja” cricket. At the park all the boys were ecstatic and eager to start off their mini ICC championship, but many of them were upset at the fact that the mentor support, Qasim Gulamhusein, was soon departing and leaving us.

Just to let you know the star players of the cricket match were Mohib Raza, Salman Jaffer and most of all, the big boss, Shaykh Kumail Rajani. Salman Jaffer’s team also put up an amazing fight, taking his team to a total of 43 runs in both matches. However, Mohib’s team played with a lot of passion from the heart and won with 90 runs. Unfortunately, we could not give an award for best player, as everyone was amazing.

As time progressed on and the cricket match finished the boys found themselves in their beds fast asleep awaiting the wakeup call from their ‘beloved’ mentors, to start their new day of acquiring spiritual knowledge. The mentors proceeded to wake the boys but they were faced with a disease called ‘anti -wake up syndrome’ suffered when patients are victims of too much cricket. Eventually the gang made it to class looking as ‘normal’ as you can ever imagine? Alhamdulillah everyone was at their peak in terms of performance, thus writing too many notes and leaving the mentors gaping in admiration. All the brothers mentioned about how much they liked the Shaykhs’ lectures at the Hawza, especially the big boss Shaykh Kumail Rajani as he talked to us about Nafs and Rooh which was very interesting. As the time passed at the hawza we were blessed to hear a beautiful recitation of a well-known piece called ‘Ay baba Janam’ from brothers Abulfazal and Salmaan.

Heading towards the end of the day after a delicious chilo kebab all the boys were set and ready to go to the houses of lady Masuma and Imam Khomeini. Upon entering these spiritual places the boys automatically felt a “5G Network” connection linking them to their Imam. Following the visit the boys arrived at Chehl Akhtaran where they visited the shrine of Musa al Mubarqa – son of Imam al-Jawad and learnt about and saw the graves of 40 martyrs from the progeny of Imam al-Jawad.

Written by Kumail Nasser and Abulfazal Qassimali of Stanmore Jamaat

Monday 19th August, 2013

At 5am we awoke for Salaat al-Fajr led by Shaykh Safder Razi who concluded Fajr with a brief and captivating lecture where he spoke about the contamination of the soul. Unlike most of the days, we all remained awake after the prayers due to the early start to the schedule. The eagerly anticipated trip to Tehran had finally come as the students were intent on learning about some of the culture of the country we were currently in.

After a slight delay, we departed on the coach to Tehran in what going to be a gloomy journey as we faced the prospect of travelling on such a long journey with no electric gadgets whatsoever. However, we were proved wrong as the time flew by with mentors and mentees alike filling the coach with jawsh as terrific reciters like mentor Ali Hussein Jaffer and mentee Mohib Bhurani electrified the rest with spectacular Qasidas.

At 10am the coach arrived outside a breakfast café. We went inside and ate the typical Iranian breakfast of Naan but of course the meal couldn’t have been satisfied without that typical dose of chai as usual!

We prayed Dhuhr and Asr prayers in the mosque next to Marhum Ayatullah Khumayni’s house where he used to frequently deliver his speeches. Following this we observed a brief video clip about the Ayatullah’s personal and political life. The video was fascinating and it was concluded from this clip that Ayatullah wanted us to learn that simplicity was very important in a Muslim’s life.

After the visit to this mosque we went to a museum. This museum exceeded the expectations of every single mentor and mentee alike. There were also statues of many martyrs who sacrificed their life for their country. The statues seemed so realistic it resembled the makes in Madam Tussauds. The visit to the museum was a memorable experience and one that was very much enjoyed by us all.

To cap the day in Tehran off, we visited the 3rd tallest building in Asia called Burj al-Milad. We went to the top to see the view and the scenery was stunning. The atmosphere was relaxed and it was like relaxing on your own balcony gazing at the stars except in this case it was relaxing on a balcony on one of the tallest buildings in the world. Several photos were snapped as people wanted to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The tour of the country’s marvellous capital had come to an end and after Maghribain Salaat we embarked on our journey back to the city of knowledge (Qum). On the bus back home the mentors insisted on the great Shaykh Kumail Rajani joining us on the bus for a great programme of Qasidas as a small token of appreciation for his tireless work to make that field trip a successful one. Mentors and mentees alike jovially recited Qasida after Qasida as another fabulous day came to an end.

Written by Salman Jaffer of Dubai

Saturday 17th August, 2013

Our fourth day of the Bab-al-Ilm course got off the mark with mentor Imran Damani taking a few boys to the haram for Salaat-al-Fajr whilst some remained at the apartment to pray Salaat al-Jamaat led by Shaykh Safder Razi which was followed by a brief lecture by the Shaykh highlighting the importance and benefits of Tasbih e Zahra.
After a hearty breakfast of Naan and Nutella with an obvious dose of chai to initiate a strong start to Day 4 of the delightful course, the boys departed for the Hawza at 10:00am for a 10:30am start. Once they arrived, the mentors and mentees gathered in the mosque for a thrilling encounter of a popular game of Articulate with a touch of Iranian culture.
At 11:00am Shaykh Assad Dharsi arrived to continue his series of lectures based on Qur’anic Lifestyle. In this class the Shaykh spoke about Iman (faith) with reference to Usool-e-Deen and Amilus-Salihat (good deeds) and shared his exquisite knowledge of the Holy Qur’an regarding this topic. The boys were engrossed in this lecture and were disappointed with the way time flew by. However, this disappointment soon evaporated with the arrival of Shaykh Nadir Jaffer who insisted on the students asking questions regarding Islam. This resulted with the Bab boys bombarding him with questions and he failed to disappoint as he answered questions regarding Ilm, Hikmah, Ikhlas, and the importance of silence in gaining the three. Not just did he answer the questions to satisfy the pupils but he got their absolute admiration as he answered in excessive detail.

As we concluded Zohrain and a delicious meal of Joje kebab (baby chicken), a short table-tennis marathon occurred between 5 boys where young participant Salman Jaffer impressed. This was followed by a thrilling encounter between Salman Jaffer and fan favourite, Shaykh Kumail Rajani observed by the boys of the course.
After a short rest, Shaykh Safder Razi began a keenly anticipated class where he spoke about another spectacular topic about the justice of Allah and how to preach to an atheist. This included an enthusiastic discussion which ended after an hour and a half.

The group then departed for the Qum tour led by Shaykh Adman from the Al-Mustafa international university. The Shaykh dedicated his time to show the group around and gave many interesting facts, for example, he said Qum had the second largest number of institutions in the whole world with the number of institutions exceeding 340! Shaykh Adman also took the boys to have a look at some of the best institutions. No doubt many of the boys will consider coming back to one of these institutions after this terrific tour led by the Shaykh.

The day was capped off with a scrumptious meal at Iran’s best, the one and only…BAMA! (followed by Ice cream).
Written by Abbas Rattansi and Aliredha Damji of Dubai Jamaat

Friday 16h August, 2013

A Friday morning like no other before!

After engaging in Jamaat Fajr Salaat, we ascended the Mount of Khizr and reached the summit for sunrise. The environment allowed us to be free and really connect with the Imam of our time.

After pledging allegiance to the Imam (aj) through Dua Ahad, the brothers around me were begging Allah for the return of our Awaited One by the recitation of Dua Nudba, it was something I can't describe.

The day culminated with the largest Friday prayers I have ever taken part in. The trip has already taken me aback.

Written by Mohamedali Giga of Mombasa Jamaat

Thursday 15th August, 2013

The day started off with a short but lazy walk to Al-Mustafa International University. As soon as we entered, we were led to the “Audio Video Room” where pictures were snapped. In no time, we were being taken to the “Imam Khumayni Hall” where we were presented with a short introduction video. This was followed by one of the mentors – Ali Hussein, reciting a Qasida with full Jawsh.
After this, we were given a tour of the university which showcased a variety of facilities such as an in-house tailor, a restaurant, a laundry service etc.

Then came lecture time: Shaykh Assad Dharsi started off by introducing himself. His topic was Qur'anic Lifestyle and I thought it was going to be boring until he introduced it. The complexity of his topic, along with the slides and his very easy way of explanation, made the topic very interesting, which led to 50 minutes of deep discussion. After a short break, our next lecturer, Shaykh Nadir Jaffer, introduced himself as a modest man, “not worthy of an introduction”. His lesson was not based on a particular topic, so the discussion was open to questions ranging from secular to Islamic questions. The visit concluded with Jamaat Namaaz followed by some traditional, deliciously cooked Waliambogho.

After eating with my fellow brothers in the Hawza, we retired back to our accommodation and had a short break in which we relaxed. We then took part in an engaging and mind-provoking conversation as a group with Shaykh Safdar Razi. We talked about the presence of Allah and Islam in the world today. It was very interactive and a pleasure to be a part of. After a delicious dinner, we set out to the Haram of Bibi Masuma-e-Qum. I personally believe that the highlight of the day was to pray in the Haram and listen to Dua-e-Kumail. The dua was so touching and moving, that many people listening - including myself were crying and praying to Allah. This was the special part of the day for me. Tonight is the eve of the destruction of Jannatul Baqee, therefore there was matam inside the haram recited by Agha Mir Damaad, with whom me and my brothers got a picture. Juloos was also being conducted outside the Haram. That night was a great experience for me, yet that was only one night - imagine how the rest of the journey will be.

Written by: Mohib Raza Bhurani from Dubai Jamaat and Suhail Karim from Hujjat Stanmore, UK

Wednesday 14th August, 2013

Fear. Apprehension. Confusion. These are typical reactions to the first day in a new country with a foreign culture, climate, and language. Being surrounded by new faces – having left all friends and family back at home – doesn’t help. Toss in the fact that the inflated currency system is marred with ambiguity, and that crossing the street is now an extreme sport, and that the temperatures typically reach nearly 40°C in the sweltering afternoon heat… it certainly seems like a nightmare!

Except… it wasn’t. Under the shadow of the magnificent shrine of Sayyidah Fatimah Ma’soomah in Qum, there was a pervading sense of serenity and comfort, and all thoughts of unease were drowned out by the eager anticipation of what activities and journeys lay ahead. For the fifteen of us here to start the three week Bab and Madinah summer camps – ten boys in the Bab group and five older ones in Madinah, along with a few friendly mentors and organizers – this was the start of what we hope will be a fulfilling and life-changing experience. 

The first day was predictably a laid-back and easy-going one, as group members continued to arrive in small clusters until the early afternoon. After a brief introduction session and a formal opening ceremony, we set out for one of the most highly anticipated item in our jam-packed camp itinerary: the Ziyarat of the holy lady of the city, Sayyidah Ma’soomah. For most of us, it was the first time performing this Ziyarat. For many of us, it was the first time performing any Ziyarat. But for each of us, mentors and students alike, it was an awe-inspiring opportunity and a breath-taking experience.

There’s something distinctly dignified and graceful about the sight of the brilliant golden dome and the majestic blue minarets, glimmering in the dark night sky. There is a beauty that photographs can’t quite capture, and an emotion that words don’t fully describe. However, perhaps the greatest part of the Ziyarat was the awareness that we were near a personality that has a truly remarkable status in the eyes of Allah. This understanding was greatly developed by the reflection sessions we shared before arriving at the Haram, and it is sessions like these that make me most hopeful and excited about the next few weeks.

Being physically near the Ahlul Bayt is one thing, but being spiritually near them, regardless of time or location, is another thing altogether. InshaaAllah, we hope to gain both of these blessings during this camp, so that when we return to our homes, families, and comfort zones, we will arrive as improved individuals, clearly demonstrating the effects and benefits of this spiritual pilgrimage.

Written by: Maysam Panju from Toronto, Canada

Tuesday 13th August, 2013

The third and final day of the mentor training course provided by The World Federation came sadly but surely as the mentors began their day with a reflection of thoughts to explore what each of us discovered about ourselves and how that aspect we discovered will help us develop our mentor-mentee relationship. This exercise of ‘self-reflection’ turned out to be very beneficial as it helped consolidate our thoughts and conclusions from the previous day so that we walk away with a take-home lesson and an aim to achieve.

It was amazing to see how we, both male and female mentors, realised how much we have learned about ourselves and the way we think, act, and react.  But it was more interesting to see that we all have experienced a change within us, a realisation of what our weaknesses are and where our strengths can be nurtured.  The exercises we have learned in this mentor course were indeed a mimic of Muhasabat Al Nafs (Accounting of the Self) where we each took out the mirror of reflection and analysed ourselves analytically and dived deeper within ourselves while we brushed away the veil of arrogance and vanity.  Instead, we opened our hearts and minds to discover and critique the essence of our way of thinking and our habits and tendencies.  While we appreciate the gifts of talent and uniqueness that Allah (SWT) has bestowed to each of us, we also recognise the areas where we need to polish and nourish within ourselves.

We further explored examples of how to strengthen the mentor team relationship so that we are harmonised and consistent in order to support our mentees most efficiently.  After playing a fun game of trying to articulate words to each other in order to demonstrate and strengthen our communication skills, we concluded the training with a run over the logistics and setup of the course, followed by a final reflecting session on the expectations which we set on Day 1 to compare whether or not we have achieved these expectations and removed these initial fears.
Praise be to Allah (SWT), it was a very rewarding moment to see that each and every one of us have met our expectations from this training course and furthermore removed the subtle fears that may have crossed our minds.

It dawned upon me that if a three-day course was enough to create this amount of change and positivity within a human being, then isn’t the generous months and years of our lives which Allah (SWT) bestowed us a good enough time for us to create more change and reform within ourselves as humans?

In this course, we have all learned and practiced new, smarter, and more efficient techniques and strategies of how to connect with our fellow mentees so that we could support them in the best manner morally and spiritually by Allah’s help during the course and also after the course.  We thank The World Federation staff in Qum for providing us excellent support and a brilliant team of trainers who carefully designed and organised an intense but rewarding programme which made us feel ready and developed by the end of this course and also on a personal level.  And we thank Allah the Almighty for granting us this valuable opportunity of learning and gaining knowledge through this unique means and we pray that He (SWT) completes our success in our mentoring experience as we look forward to receive the participants and serve the Zuwaar who have already started arriving today safe and sound, and more will arrive Inshallah tomorrow so that we kick off the program officially with an opening ceremony on Thursday, August 15th, 2013.

Written by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba from New Jersey

Monday 12th August, 2013

Day two of the mentor training programme commenced at 8.15am with breakfast, and most importantly of all, delicious khoja-style tea. The first session was a reflection session led by Brother Yasin and Shaykh Abbas. This session focused on reflecting on the previous day and required us to share one new insight that we had learnt about ourselves and how this will affect our role as a mentor.

The second session was a debrief of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) exercise that we carried out the previous day with Shaykh Komail. In today’s session, Shaykh Abbas carried out some extremely exciting and engaging exercises that help us to understand types that were different to our own and how although we may be a different type to our fellow mentors, we still have to work together as a harmonious team. I found the second exercise the most exciting. In this one, we were put into two groups according to how we prefer to take in information. One group was the sensing (S) type and one was the intuition (N) type. As a group, we were asked to create a poster that advertised the Madinah and Bab summer courses to our own type. The poster could only contain three words and had to be created in 10 minutes. It was interesting to see that the S group’s poster was detailed and concentrated on all the different aspects that the course would cover in the three weeks. The N group’s poster only concentrated on one aspect of the course and this was the spiritual journey before, during and after the course.

This was followed by the third session which was led by Brother Yasin and was about Adult Learning. In this session we learnt about the difference between respect and tolerance. We learnt that when dealing with someone, we should separate the person from the behaviour. This would change tolerance into respect as we would be concentrating on the person as a whole rather than judging them only based on a certain behaviour that they have shown. This session took us till Zohr Salaat time which was followed by lunch and some time to relax.

At 3pm, we all reconvened and the afternoon session started off by an enlightening lecture by Shaykh Mohamed Khalfan. Shaykh Khalfan talked about a topic that was very relevant to us at this stage of the mentor training programme. He talked to us about mentoring from an Islamic perspective. He gave us an example of a mentor-mentee relationship from the Qur’an. This was from the story of Prophet Yusuf when he was in the prison and he was mentoring the people that were there with him. Shaykh Khalfan then gave us 8 qualities of a good mentor, two of which were maximum participation in all parts of the course and severe self-consciousness. He concluded his talk with 8 strategies for mentors that can secure support and encouragement. One of these was to grab any opportunity for an increase in spirituality with both hands. So, for example, going to the shrines as often as possible and including the mentees in this with you.

The final session for the day concentrated on developing two skills that we require as mentors when talking to our mentees. The first was active listening and the second was questioning. Both of these were taught in the form of different role-plays where mentors and facilitators took it in turns to be in a role play where one was a mentor and one was a mentee. We were given lots of different scenarios, some very tough, all that were similar to something that had come up in previous years in the course and we had to then role play these scenarios with each other. I thought that this was a brilliant way developing these skills as we could all help each other in coming up with the best way to deal with certain situations.

This long and intense day came to an end at 8.10pm after which we recited Maghribain Salaat followed by time for everyone to relax and re-energise for the third and final day of training tomorrow.

Written by: Ali Mehdi Moti from Birmingham, UK

Sunday 11th August, 2013

The first day of our mentor training programme was off to a great start as nine mentors, five sisters and three brothers, gathered together to start a three-day training programme at The World Federation’s Qum Office at Dar al-Zahra. After an energising breakfast, we began with introductions by the facilitators: Shaykh Abbas Ismail, Shaykh Komail Rajani, Brother Yasin Rahim, and brother Qasim Gulamhusein. Qasim, who was this year’s mentor support, ran an icebreaker exercise where each of us had an opportunity to learn interesting facts from our peer mentors.

Brother Qasim then helped set our expectations for the three-day training session and identify our fears with the aim to settle them by the end of this course. Understanding what the mentor role entails and the skill set needed to become a good mentor to support the participants in this course was key in setting the goal and tone for our training programme. As mentors, we agreed that opening the lines of communication and strengthening our teamwork skills is essential to be able to reach the intended aim and this was demonstrated by a fun and thought-provoking exercise in trying to build a tower as a team using one piece of paper only without any tool. As we enjoyed this exercise and shared a few laughs, we realised how important teamwork is, as well as listening to, and respecting the opinions of our peers in order to deliver the goal successfully.

Brother Yasin picked our minds further and helped us recognise that sometimes the initial perceptions we form in our minds due to what we physically see can be skewed and biased because we do not see the full picture in its entirety. This point was demonstrated perfectly using the iceberg analogy where the tip is visible for the viewer, representing the initial and immediate perception of a person, is not enough to judge a person because the major body of the iceberg, represented by the inner self of an individual is obscured and ‘hidden under water’. We realised that in order for us to form a true perception about our mentees, we must ask the right questions and learn the facts from them and open the door of dialogue and friendly communication where we can discover a lot the inner self of our mentees which directly impacts their behavior.  Furthermore, making an effort to understand the expectations of the participants would help us communicate effectively to their individual personalities.  We agreed that trying to comprehend others is a two-way path where we also would like others to understand us properly while avoiding hasty judgment.

After a hearty lunch and break for Salah, Shaykh Komail placed the cherry on the cake as he delivered an excellent and spiritually energising lecture where he presented examples of common concepts such as intercession, remembrance, and other attributes which are often misconceived by us and instead, he shed light on the true meanings of these concepts under the light of guidance of the purified household of the Holy Prophet (SA). Our training was concluded with the most interesting exercise of Myers Briggs Type Indicator where Shaykh Komail sought to explain the difference between different types of personalities which are opposite to each other yet not considered to be wrong or deficient. We sought to understand more about our individual selves by identifying ourselves as either introvert or extrovert, a sensing or intuitive person, a person who follows the heart or mind, and whether we consider ourselves to be more organised than flexible. Reflecting on the hadeeth given by our infallible guides that ‘Whoever knows his Lord knows himself’, we come to understand that Allah (SWT) with His infinite wisdom has created human beings with different colours of personality, just as He created flowers in different types and colours – all with a sweet fragrance – we must accept and respect each other’s personalities and learn to adapt with others even if they are different from us.  By trying to understand the types of personalities of our mentees, God-willing, we can perform our roles better in supporting their individual needs and expectations.

After recharging ourselves with an uplifting Ziyarah at the Holy Shrine of Sayyida Masuma (SA) and as we enjoyed ourselves over dinner at a local Kabab place after a long day, we anxiously look forward to Day 2 of the mentor training course, and we hope to learn more about the history and logistics of this course as well as benefit from recommendations of how to make the best decisions in proposed situations by analysing given scenarios.
Written by: Jerrmein Abu Shahba from New Jersey, USA

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