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29 November 2023 / 16. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

The 7th Annual Residential Youth Camp 2018

The World Federation's India office, in partnership with India Federation, conducted their seventh annual residential youth camp at Moloobhoy Sanatorium, Khandala in the month of May 2018.

The Girls Camp took place from 5th to 8th May 2018 and had 30 participants, 8 mentors, 2 admin and was led by Sister Zahra Merchant. The Boys Camp took place from 10th to 13th May 2018 and had 24 participants, 6 mentors, 2 admin and was led by Brother Asad Virani.

Participants included boys and girls from different cities of India. Most of the mentors had previously attended the camp and so were in the best position to assist the participants and were incredibly successful in their roles.

The course covered a wide range of interesting and informative topics, which included interactive sessions and activities. Topics included:

  • Salat and its rules
  • Taqleed
  • Ways of gaining knowledge
  • Public speaking and self confidence
  • Ramadhan etiquette
  • C.V. making
  • Mahram and Non-Mahram
  • Social media (Advantages & Disadvantages)
  • Youth Issues
  • Respect for parents
  • Qur’an recitation tips

The participants were encouraged to enact skits in groups, which had stories of our prophets.

In addition to this, Wudhu and Salat assessments were carried out for all students and a guidebook given to help ensure their actions were perfect. All Salat was recited with Jamaat. Students were encouraged to recite Adhaan, Takeebat e Namaz Duas and Ziarat out loud to improve confidence as well recitation skills.

Alongside all of these, sporting activities were also set up for participants such as treasure hunts, hurdle races, football, table tennis and team building exercises in a bid to increase personal development.


We received amazingly positive feedback from parents, some of which are:


'Alhamdulillah, the efforts put together by The World Federation in collaboration with India Federation is commendable. Great platform for children to learn and understand Islam and have fun too. Jamaat namaz, namaze shab, discussions, skits, etc. all in all a great package for our children. Discussion on adolescence and fiqh is appreciated as well. May Imam a.s. reward all the volunteers immensely. Ilahi Ameen' – Azhar Wadia


'Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for my son Mohd Hamza. We were so impressed when he came home and said his confidence is increased and we were speechless. He firstly refused to go to camp but now can't wait to go back. The best thing he liked about the camp was everyone was involved in all activities and all got chances turn by turn. This camp was an incredibly enriching experience. The friends he made there are invaluable. The camp was most fun he had all this summer as he got to learn a lot from there. The most important thing which he told us was about Namaz e Shab. He said 'mummy now I came to know the importance of Namaze Shab which you recite. InshaAllah I will also try to read with you.' This was the best gift my son got from the camp. I have no words to thank you and your team. May Imam Mehdi give the ajr for the best deeds and may this camp continue till the zahoor of our Imam. Ameen.' – Masuma Deverjiani


'WF has done it before, done it again and we are looking forward for next year inshallah. This is a great great effort to build our childrens overall development at the right age and at the right time. I am thankful especially to brother Asad for making this trip safe and enjoyable for our children. May be if possible something similar can be arranged during Diwali vacation inshallah. All in all 5 out of 5 rating for this Trip' – Aasim Unia


'Thanks a lot to Asad bhai for arranging this camp. It was my daughter's first time away from us and she enjoyed it. This session was a much needed for our child. Special thanks to all the mentors for their support and guidance. A very well planned and organised trip!!!' – Farzana Akbar


'Describing our feelings in one word for WF and Asad Bhai's management: FANTABULOUS

This was the first time our daughter had gone out on a camp and was away from us for 3 days and we were not worried as we were getting regular updates from there about the activities over there. Our daughter had a great experience and she did not only enjoy it but she learnt a lot from this camp and also made new friends. Thanks a lot to WF and especially to Asad Bhai for organising such a camp. Keep it up. Looking forward and waiting for such kind of activities again' – Shakir Nanji

Asad Virani, the manager of WF India office was glad that the hard work of his team paid off so well. ‘Ever since we got back from the camp, I have been receiving feedback from parents as to how the camp has created a positive change in their children. This camp would not have been successful without the hardwork and dedication of the mentors and the admin team. Special thanks to Shaikh Mustafa Bhurani, Nadeem Halani, Zakera Neelam Vakil & Zahra Merchant to have managed the program so well, May Allah bless them all, Ameen’.

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