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29 November 2023 / 16. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

The World Federation Boys Youth Camp: Reflections of a participant student

First of  all, I would like to thank The World Federation of KSIMC for organising such a wonderful youth camp. The camp, which was held in Panvel, was a memorable one. It was a learning experience for us; both, in worldly as well as in religious matters. It also taught us many values.

The main aim of this camp was to increase our Islamic knowledge (along with enjoyment). Hence, two Maulanas were with us, one of whom led the Jamaat Namaz. The other Maulana taught us Islamic Laws. There were also many interesting lectures on various topics, such as 'Janabe Bahlool', 'How should we prepare ourselves for the reappearance of Imam –e– Zamana (a.t.f.s.)', 'Akhlaq', 'Decision making', 'Time Management' and 'Teenage related discussions'. We also had some quizzes which further increased our knowledge of Islam. Namaz assessment programmes helped us correct our Namaz, Wudhu, Azan and Iqamah. We also got the namaz assessment books which we can later refer to if we have any doubt about in Namaz.

Mohsin uncle gave each one of us 'Najatus-Saimeen', which contains all the aamal of Mahe Ramadhan.

Another thing we learned was to adjust with others, understand their mind set and work and live together. We also learned how to do some household chores on our own. One group out of the five would serve the food, while another would clean up.

We all enjoyed trekking. It was a great experience climbing the mountain. The scenery from above was very captivating. I personally liked the fact that we all helped each other climb that mountain, despite the fact that we came from different localities and families, and were not acquainted with each other.


We also enjoyed swimming at the resort's swimming pool. Everybody relished those few hours and we had a wonderful time. It was a great opportunity for amateurs like me to learn to swim.

We were served healthy food three times a day, apart from snacks in the evenings. It was also good to gulp down glasses of cold juice especially in that sweltering heat of summer. The food was too good, and one of our mentors even joked that he had once again come to this camp for its food.

                              Skit being enacted by Group Mercury

On the last day, each one of the groups was given the task of enacting a skit on any one aspect of the camp. We all enjoyed acting as well as seeing the skits. I enjoyed the camp very much and I was very sad when it ended and we had to return home. I wish the camp had lasted for a few days extra.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience being a part of the camp. I hope that The World Federation organises such splendid camps regularly.

-Ali Abbas Merchant (Group Mercury)

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