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04 March 2024 / 23. Shabaan 1445

The WF Shop: Kid's Corner

The World Federation online shop sells a variety of products from books about the history of Islam to Dua cards for every situation. One area with rising popularity is the “Kid’s Corner”.

There are available many different products aimed specifically at children of all ages to teach them about Islam in an entertaining and engaging way. These books, toys and games will keep your child occupied and teach them valuable lessons in the process. Not to mention, they’re fun for parents too!

Here are just a few of the many different products available to order now on at the WF Shop. 

Muharram Workbook for Ages 4 – 6 (Also available for ages 7 – 9) - £2.50

This workbook is filled with activities such as cross words and colouring pages as well as mini tests to help your child remember the details of the events of Kerbala.


Don’t Forget to say Bismillah – A Story Sound Book - £12.99

This story book tells a tale about a young Muslim family and how they use Islamic phrases in their daily life. There is a sound panel so your child can hear the correct Arabic pronunciation and switch to English too.

Fun Dough Arabic Letters - £10

This one could get messy! This pack includes five different coloured pots of fun non-toxic dough and cutter shapes for all 28 Arabic letters and some other tools to make playing with dough extra fun! This is a great way to help your child become familiar with and remember the Arabic alphabet.


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