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29 November 2023 / 16. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Ramadhan Relief Fund 1436-2015 Progress Report

The World Federation’s Ramadhan Relief Fund 1436 is hard at work distributing food baskets, cash gifts and other aid to families living in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Djibouti, India, Iraq, Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Palestine, Tanzania and Uganda. Donations to the Ramadhan Relief Fund are making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of men, women and children who are so grateful to every donor for remembering their needs during this blessed month of Ramadhan. We are pleased to share the following progress report provided by our volunteers on the ground:



Cash gifts were presented to 66 sadaat families and 65 non-sadaat families across Bangladesh. During the aid distribution, our agent wrote:  “This Ramadhan,  we have chosen to give out cash gifts to deserving families as there are so many who have different needs including health care, debts, rent payments and clothing which they struggle to afford.”




Food ration baskets were distributed in Burundi’s capital city of Bujumbura.



Among a number of other villages and towns across India, some of the areas we distributed aid included:

  • 235 food ration packs in Baiganpally

  • 180 food ration packs in Alinaqipalya

  • Community iftaars in 2 schools

  • 1250 food ration packs in Mumbai

  • Food ration packs in Bihar in the towns of   

         Pakhnari,Gajaundha and Khurammabad


Food ration packs consisted of rice, flour, cooking oil, lentils and sugar (which varied across the nation).


Ramadhan Relief is more than just helping the needy; it’s about people of all faiths coming together for a noble cause. In northern India, Muslims and Hindus are working together to deliver food rations to deserving families. One of our Hindu friends told us:  “Helping my Muslim brothers to arrange food rations for the poor is noble work. I hope that God will be pleased with me as we work together. The important thing is that we all are human and have been created by God.”



4.  Iraq

Thanks to the generosity of one donor, The World Federation distributed 100 large and 300 small food baskets in Najaf, Iraq.



Across various towns and villages in Kenya, one of our donors gifted 20 large and 200 small food baskets to families.  


As well, in Nakuru, Kenya, food rations were delivered to prisons so that the inmates could have food at the time of Iftaar. Food rations included rice, flour, beans, oil, salt, dates, and tea leaves. The men and women inmates were extremely grateful and looked forward to having a nice iftaar.


The food distribution in Pakistan is underway in the remote areas of Sindh, Punjab, Gilgit, Baluchistan and KPK provinces. Tehsil Johi in Sindh Province is one of the most deprived, neglected and remote villages in Pakistan.  The World Federation distributed 70 food parcels to deserving families here which included orphans, the disable, widows and low income households. During the current deadly heat wave, our volunteers found their way to the families, covering hundreds of miles just to make sure they were taken care of this Ramadhan.


From Quetta, one of our agents reported:  “Quetta has been continuously disturbed due to bomb blasts and targeted shootings. Keeping in mind the hardships of the people of Quetta, we made our way there to share their grief by providing 50 families with Ramadhan Relief food baskets. These were families of martyrs, the disabled, those who were injured and other deserving families.”


From Punjab, another agent reported:  “In District Bhakkar, we have successfully distributed 102 food parcels to sadaat and non-sadaat families, most of whom are orphans, widows, the disabled and laborers who are unable to afford sehri and iftaari. This is an extremely poverty-stricken area of rural Punjab. These families have been affected by bomb blasts and targeted killings. These 102 families were very happy to receive the food rations from The World Federation and Insha'Allah the donors will be remain in their prayers.”




Another volunteer from Pakistan reported:  “The majority of the families we helped are forced to live under the poverty line and cannot afford basic essentials. These deserving families are always looking for relief, especially during the Holy month of Ramadhan so that they can fast with in peace.”




From KPK Province, one of our agents reported:  “I am pleased to inform you that today we have completed the distribution of 1100 food parcels for Ramadan Relief 2015 which was sponsored by The World Federation of KSIMC. These food parcels were distributed in various locations including District D.I. Khan and Taank in KPK.”



Thanks to the generosity of one donor, The World Federation distributed 20 large and 200 small food baskets in the town of Temeke in Tanzania.  



It’s never too late to share your blessings with struggling families across the world this Mahe Ramadhan. Please donate to the Ramadhan Relief Fund 1436 and bring joy to the hearts of the thousands of men, women and children who count on our support.



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