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24 April 2024 / 15. Shawal 1445

Your Impact During Shahr Ramadan

On behalf of WF-AID, I am pleased to share our 2019 Ramadan Relief report with you. This report details the impact of your generous donations on families and communities in need across the world.

This year, your donations allowed us to reach over 600,000 people in need in 21 countries! The support from our global community has been amazing. Without your support, the effort of our hard-working teams on the ground and tireless volunteers, we would not have been able to reach so many people.

Our report touches on some of the great work you helped us do and I hope you enjoy the read. My highlights are below - it is amazing to see the positive impact you have made within our own communities and to thousands of families living in developing countries.

I hope you enjoy reading the report we've compiled and can feel the difference you have made.


Madiha Raza,

Head of WF-AID


Your donations provided Food Packs, community iftars, Eid gifts and implemented sustainable solutions for communities in 21 countries. This means that we were able to reach over 600,000 people, making a difference in each one of those lives.


Through our teams and partners on the ground, WF-AID has distributed 47,628 Food Packs, which were filled with nutritious items to widows, orphans and the elderly living in developing countries.

These Food Packs supported a family of five for the whole of the Holy month, being used to cook meals for iftar and suhoor, allowing people to benefit from the blessings of this Holy month.


Your donations have also helped provide people with support beyond Shahr Ramadan.

You have provided cooking and baking courses to displaced Syrian widows and orphans and provided them with specialist equipment and ingredients so they can make and sell their products at the local supermarket, helping them earn a living.




Thanks to your generous support this Shahr Ramadan, WF-AID delivered vital aid across 21 countries affected by natural disasters, poverty or conflict.

This included communities in hard to reach areas of Kenya, Pakistan, India and many more.


We worked closely with Africa Federation, India Federation and Pakistan Federation to distribute Food Packs to over 6,300 people within our own Khoja community, which supported them through the Holy month of Ramadan.

It's fantastic to see how your donations have made a positive impact on the communities we live in.



Amina is a 61 year old widow, who lives in a small village of Mnazini with her two daughters and a son. The village is extremely remote and isolated, resulting in a lack of employment opportunities. Her son goes to the local river, which is infested with crocodiles, to bring fish for the family to eat. Aside from this, they rely on the generosity of local people.

Our partners identified this family and gifted them with a Food Pack, which fed the entire family for the Holy month of Ramadan. Amina was extremely grateful for the pack and said her family had been struggling recently due to the drought in their village.

Your donations brought relief and food security to this family and so many others in Africa.


You can download and read the full Ramadan Relief 2019 report to see the impact you have had on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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