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24 April 2024 / 15. Shawal 1445

Personal Thoughts from The World Federation President

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In the name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the Ever-Merciful

Respected Community Leaders & Members

Salamun Alaykum


Today marks 20 years since the sad demise of our dearly beloved leader and scholar, Mulla Asgharali M. M. Jaffer.


Looking back, I have so many fond memories of Marhoom Mulla. He was an exceptional leader, whose distinct vision was to unite the community in a way which would protect us against challenges of all natures – whether religious, economic or social. Along with the elders of the time, this led to the formation of The World Federation in 1976. Throughout his leadership, Mulla ensured we never lost touch of our faith and culture. It was paramount these two were factored into the DNA of The World Federation.


It is because of him we have such a strong connection with our Maraji. Mulla established strong ties with our Maraji, constantly and consistently engaging with them and gaining advice from them on issues that affected us all. I find it truly humbling that until today, so many of these highest ranking scholars recall their interactions with Marhoom Mulla, which in turn has lead to their respect of our entire Khoja community. During my term, I have endeavoured to follow the footsteps of Mulla by always seeking and gaining from our Maraji.


Mulla’s determination for us to reach new frontiers was the catalyst for the establishment of new mosques and madaris around the world. Today, we are enjoying the fruits of this expansion through his hard work and motivation, and it is this aspect of his leadership that has inspired me to morally and financially support these causes in our community globally.


Mulla’s zeal to support and help the needy set an example to us all, such that many were driven to work with and volunteer for The World Federation’s causes and appeals. Alhamdulillah, we can be proud today of the reach and effects of your donations and voluntary efforts in both Tableegh and relief around the world.


As a scholar in his own right, Mulla taught us often and at all levels of society –whether it was illuminating lectures from the mimbar, to advice imparted at gatherings of elders, to lessons at Madrasah classes – nothing seemed to be beyond his capabilities! He even produced videos on how to perform wudhu and pray namaaz to ensure we could learn all the basic ahkaam. But a truly unique gift he had was his unparalleled ability to build up close relationships with people of all ages in our community – it’s amazing how he could remember faces and names and warmly talk with anyone about events that they had been a part of. 


As we mark the 20th year of his passing, we have compiled a number of resources below which I hope will appeal to all parts of our community. I feel that the best way we can remember Marhoom Mulla is to emulate his good characteristics, and to strive to reach new heights of progress in our community.


May Allah (swt) forever bless the soul of Marhoom Mulla Asghar. Please recite Sura Fatiha for his maghfirat, and for all our Marhumeen.


Salaams and Duas,


Anwarali Dharamsi

President of The World Federation



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