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03 June 2023 / 14. Zil-Qad 1444

India Youth Camps 2019

India Youth Camps - December 2019

The World Federation in partnership with India Federation is pleased to announce that the India Youth camp is officially back this winter for its 8th year running.

This exciting youth camp will concentrate on how to implement Islamic teachings in our daily life and we will look into imbibing the social awareness and responsibilities to the participants in a ‘play and learn’ environment.

To ensure that the participants gain maximum out of it and keeping in mind the different techniques of learning, the camp is divided into insightful lectures covering some prominent topics which are a need for the hour, wholesome physical activities, assignments and areas for personal development.

Since the first camp in 2012, the camp has received plenty of feedbacks that describe the camp as phenomenal by not just participants, but by parents as well. Parents have at times seen a drastic change in their children from the day they return home after the camp by giving more respect to parents, reciting salaat properly and on time, being more responsible, reciting namaz-e-shab, etc. So it’s not just the participants but even parents who look forward to the camps. The India Youth camp has gained a lot of popularity over time as we have some participants coming from UAE and Oman especially to attend the camp. 

The registration for the camps are now open and places are limited. If you want to enrol yourself or your child, you must apply before Sunday 8th December 2019.


Boys Camp (age 12-16)

21 December – 25 December 


Girls Camp (age 10-14)

25 December - 29 December 



The course is aimed to cover a range of interesting topics including interactive sessions on Islamic guidance, wudhu & namaaz assessment, sports activities and personal development training. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop Islamically, spiritually and socially, with other like-minded children of our community.

Some of the topics that we aim to cover during the camp:

Topics we will aim to cover during the camp:

1. Wudhu, Adhaan, Iqamah and Salaat assessment
2. Quran / Dua recitation assessment 
3. Taqleed
4. Salaat and its rules
5. Youth Issues
6. Socio-Islamic topics
7. Sports activities
8. Personal development activities


 Feedbacks received over the years:


Masuma Deverjiani: Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for my son Mohd Hamza. We were so impressed when he came home and said his confidence is increased and we were speechless. He first refused to go camping but now can't wait to go back. The best thing he liked about the camp was everyone was involved in all activities and all got chances to turn by turn. This camp was an incredibly enriching experience. The friends he made there are invaluable. The camp was the most fun he had all this summer as he got to learn a lot from there. The most important thing which he told us was about Namaz e Shab. He said 'mummy now I came to know the importance of Namaze Shab which you recite. InshaAllah I will also try to read with you.' This was the best gift my son got from the camp. I have no words to thank you and your team. May Imam Mehdi give the ajr for the best deeds and may this camp continue till the zahoor of our Imam. Ameen.


Aman Mookhi: My take away from the camp was that it made sure that the girls were regularly engaged in programs thereby making sure that they remained interested. The best part was that religious activities were also structured in a manner that made the girls motivated to perform. I am sure this experience will matter a lot in their religious, as well as personal lives, in the years to come.

Shakir Nanji: This was the first time our daughter had gone out on a camp and was away from us for 3 days and we were not worried as we were getting regular updates from there about the activities over there. Our daughter had a great experience and she did not only enjoy it but she learnt a lot from this camp and also made new friends. Thanks a lot to WF and especially to Asad Bhai for organising such a camp. Keep it up. Looking forward and waiting for such kind of activities again.


Azhar Wadia: Alhamdulillah, the efforts put together by The World Federation in collaboration with India Federation is commendable. Great platform for children to learn and understand Islam and have fun too. Jamaat namaz, namaze shab, discussions, skits, etc. all in all a great package for our children. Discussion on adolescence and fiqh is appreciated as well. May Imam a.s. reward all the volunteers immensely. Ilahi Ameen.

Download the poster and share with your friends and family.


To read about last year’s camp, please click here.  


The deadline for applications for both of these camps is the 8th December 2019.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]


Do not miss this incredible opportunity for youth self-development!


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