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24 April 2024 / 15. Shawal 1445

Fatima Inspires AFED Nominations 2019

Fatima Inspires Nominations 2019 



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Marhuma Nargis Abdulrasul

From: Tanzania


My grandmother was an amazing person who strove to live her life emulating the characteristics of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (as).


She was not only our mother but our inspiration and strength! She always taught us to wish well for others and would be willing to go out of the way to help anyone and everyone.


She volunteered at the mosque most of her life even at an old age. A woman without whom our lives would have been incomplete.


Surah Fateha


Nominated by Ayman Allidina 

Fatima Datoo

From: KSIJ Dar - es – Salaam

She is a person who lives up to her name, Fatema, a devoted mother of four, a wife, a teacher and above all her love for Allah and religion is one of her most admirable qualities.

Over the last year, she has been involved in many charitable endeavours - forming a group of women (Imam Hassan Banquet) striving to give back to the community. Her drive to make a difference within the community has always been seen through her work with the poor, orphans and the less privileged.


Recently, Her most important achievement is organising vocational training for girls where they learn life skills - English & sewing. She has also organised Quran classes to complement the secular training.

She is also an organiser of religious events such as an exhibition about Fadak and many more to propagate the message of Ahlulbayt through Tableegh. Having spent 4 years at Hawza in Dar-es-salam, she now has also become a teacher to give back what she has learned to new students joining the organisation.

In one sentence if I was to describe her I would say,
A woman full of determination, care and love to make a long-lasting difference in the lives of the underprivileged in our society


Nominated by: Anonymous


Shagufta Dhalla

From: Nairobi


Shagufta is a very helpful, kind and caring personality. She is mother to 3 children and a devoted wife. She owns a computer business and teaches Quran to children after school.


Her dedication towards the Nairobi Madressa and Tabligh committee is unexceptional. She is always encouraging mothers to teach their children Quran.


Nominated by Anonymous

Sajida Ebrahim

From: Nairobi


Sajida is full of love, kindness and compassion.


One of the most inspirational things about her is her commitment towards the Nairobi Madressa. She is always on her toes with her daughter's. Sajida encourages her daughter's and herself to take part in the mosque whether Qur’an, Marshiya or Nawha recitation. Her little daughter Ummulbaneen (4 years) is known as the AFED Qur’an competition baby as she has been in this journey with her mother and sisters since she was born.


Sajida is a guide & mentor for her daughter's and encourages them to keep going and achieve their goals & dreams when they want to give up.


Nominated by Zahra Ali

Sukaina Gulamhussein

From: Mombasa Jamaat

Sukaina aunty, better known to most as Suki aunty in Mombasa is an inspiration to many.

Her ability to serve the community at large is admirable. She was the Secretary of Zainabiya society for 8 years and during this time was instrumental in the of the forming of the 'Womens' needs board for the Africa Federation'. She has also served as a madressah teacher for a number of years. Her passion for teaching stemmed from her youth and she started off her career as a nursery teacher for 5 years.

Family obligations did not hinder her desire to support the community and she served as a volunteer on numerous occasions. Her organisational and leadership skills helped to orchestrate several successful fundraising events for Syria.

Suki aunty is not only a beloved wife, a mother and a grandmother, but she is also an excellent baker as well and most will agree that her cakes are second to none. Her black forest cake melts in your mouth and there is nothing quite like it.

Suki aunty is always smiling and passionate about helping others. She is so approachable and always available to lend an ear to offer counselling advice to any one in need.

Needless to say, Suki aunty has touched the hearts and lives of many. Her akhlaq and desire to serve and help others is an inspiration to both young and old. She has taught me that no matter what your wealth or status, there is always something you can give back to the community. I am thankful to have met you Suky aunty. You have made my life just that bit better by being part of it


Nominated by: Altaf Bhimani


Kulsum Jamaal

From: Mombasa


Kulsum bai is a very hard working lady and has inspired many by her approaches with a ready smile on her face always.


Kulsum bai is not only a mother to two sons but a madrasah teacher too.

She always treasures her friends and family and is always willing to give a helping hand even before one seeks her assistance.


Through her akhlaq and character, we learn about her patience and courage too.

May Allah swt bless her always. Ameen


Nominated by Anonymous


Sajida  Janmohamed

From:  Kenya


I wish to Nominate my mother for this because my mum has been the greatest inspiration in my life. My mum, on the 4th of July 2016 was diagnosed with Cancer, she went through intense medication and despite that she took good care of her family and work life. My mother taught me how to be strong and how to persevere. In her two years of battle against Cancer, there wasn’t even a single day when she thought of giving up, she taught me how to be brave in difficult times.


Today alhamdulilah she is a survivor. Despite her serious condition she always kept a smile on her face and made sure she fulfilled her duties as a Mother and as a Wife. My mother is my role model, my inspiration. Love you Mum!


Nominated by: Muhaimina Janmohamed



Mrs Naserah Karim

From: Tanzania


Naserahbai has served our community as an exemplary leader and mentor for many years.  She began as a teacher with Al Muntazir schools over 20 years ago, and her tireless efforts in educating and developing the future generations has been her passion throughout her career and community life as she progressed on to become Head Mistress and an administrator at various schools under the Al Muntazir umbrella.


A continued source of guidance and inspiration among her students as well as her colleagues, she remains an inspiration to all around her, culminating in the Al-Muntazir Long Service Award in 2018.


We are blessed to have her in our family, where the young ladies all look to her as a role model.


Nominated by: Kazim Pirmohamed



Tehmeena Kassam

From: Mombasa


Tehmeena Bai is like an elder sister to me. She has been an inspiration to many and a role model for every sister, mother, daughter, friend etc.

She always does her volunteering duties without hesitation. She is not only a volunteer but also a good human being too.

She takes part in several activities in the community and always extends her hand for volunteering work. She is one of the active members of the Zainabiya society too in Mombasa.

She is amongst those who has a crown on her head comprising of the following:-

Good morals
Good listener

May Allah swt reward her for her noble acts.


Nominated by: Anonymous

Nasreen Lalji


From: KSIJ Dar - es – Salaam

To the lady who probably hasn’t thought of herself in about 3 decades, this is for the world to know that you matter!

She stands as an inspiration for more than just a family and community!

An icon of patience, always roaring with strength and resiliently brave, MOM is a human-like no other!

She is not only our mother but our strength, love, inspiration, motivator, guide and best friend forever!

Her willingness to help anyone and everyone teaches us selflessness at all times, in every situation.
She always encourages to wish well for others even if they hurt you.

All the tireless efforts and all the hard work done with all smiles that made others happy too :)
A woman without whom our lives would be incomplete!

We pray that the Almighty grants her a long and healthy life, Ameen.


Nominated by Haleemah, Fatemah, Muhammed, Zahra, Kulthoom and Sakina Lalji

Fauzia Mawji

From: Kenya


Fauzia has been an inspiration to all our family members. Like a Mother, the upbringing given to the children Muhammad Aishan and Aliabbas Mawji are great. I have seen her resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact.

In the community, she goes out of her way to help people in need she was a Madressa teacher in Mombasa. After relocating to Nairobi she has continued to be a Madressa teacher. Fauzia always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. 

Nominated by Rizwan Mawji

Sajeda Meghji

From: Arusha KSIJ

My aunt, Mrs Sajeda Alwani, is my role model. She inspires and motivates me to grow without any barriers. It seems to me that this woman looks at life as a challenge and wholeheartedly intends to seize the day every day. She took care of me after my mum passed away when i was 6 years old.

My mother looked after me and supported me in every part of my life. Right from childhood she has been with me like my shadow. It had been riddled with hurdles and difficulties, but she has managed to cross them all to because of the amazing and independent person she is. I thank her for everything thing I am now because it’s just because of her


Nominated by: Safdarabbas Jalali


Sajida Meghji

From: Tanzania


Growing up and thinking about getting married someday I heard the same stories and jokes that everyone hears: beware the monster in law, mother in laws can be so difficult, what if you fall in love with someone whose mom doesn’t love you, and so much more...

But when I married my husband, I had the complete opposite experience. My mother is not like the mothers-in-law from movies or bad jokes. She is the most perfect example of what a strong mum and an even stronger woman should be, not only for me but for my daughter as well.


She has become more than just a mum to me. She is my partner in crime, my best friend and i am her biggest fan!


As a transplant from being a motherless daughter (since i was 10 years old), she has guided me through thick and thin. She’s taught me the work involved in being a mom, the balancing act of being a good teacher and a good mother, the importance of finding friends that become family and all the really small important things in life.


I am truly blessed to have her as a mother in law, blessed that she raised a wonderful son who honors and supports women, blessed that she is an integral influence in my very own daughter, and blessed to be part of a community that has been shaped in part by her kindness, hard work and dedication. We love you lots, Mummy!

Nominated by Tayseer Fazel


Masuma Meghji

From: Mombasa


It is an honour to write about a Mother to two and a sister to many and a wife to our dearest Masum uncle Meghji and a lady with personalities similar to gems. I don't know exactly where to start from. Is it from her patience, her smile, her piety or her friendly nature but yes I can start by saying that she is an amazing mother to two, a good mother in law and a grandmother to 5 grandchildren.

Masuma aunty does not only play her roles towards her family but also has contributed a lot towards the community services as follows:
#Founder of Creative cookery group. And also a Master chef in Lazeez  group.
#Founder of Jaffery sports committee.
#Founder ithnasheri young women union(IYWU)
#Worked as volunteer Head in Zainbya society for 4 years and Vice chairlady for 12 years.
#Took initiative in building close relations with all the Muslim communities of Mombasa and organizing various functions in our Mosque
#Appointed as metrimonial committee by Mombasa Jamaat

Masuma aunty with her marvellous nature has captured the hearts of many ladies. She always extends her hand towards the call of duties related to humanitarian. She is one of those ladies that is referred to as Kaki in MOMBASA.

Masuma aunty has always done and still does her best to volunteer in community activities.

We pray that Allah swt grant her a health life. Ameen


Nominated by Altaf Bhimani



Naznin Mukhtar

From: Tanzania


Naznin Mukhtar a mother of 5, a Zakira of  Imam Hussain, a teacher, a student a poet, a  writer and a Grandmother too!

She has been Headmistress of Madressa for the past 5 years and takes on the role of a mother to all the students in Madressa. Her charming personality makes her connect with the youth and she uses this opportunity to advise them. She loves writing and has scripted a lot of dramas. She is active in many of the mosque activities as a volunteer, advisor and an educator

Her love for Allah and the Imams is manifested in her poetry and articles which she shares with her family and friends on Social media platforms.

She as a special love for Imame Zamana and tried her best never to miss the Dua Nudba sessions and handles the Istegaasa Or "Calling for the Imam". Her love for the Qur’an is immense, and she holds tadabbur sessions for the ladies once a week.

Her majalis are truly inspirational and she constantly updates her knowledge through connecting with different scholars especially from Qom. Whenever she is praised for her efforts or speeches, she reminds them by saying "It's all from Allah".

She is happily married to Ghullamhussein Mukhtar, who is well known for his Humanitarian services and  her children whom she has instilled Ahlulbaits love are all working for a noble cause.

I am nominating her because she always reminds me of the Holy Lady Fatima by her words and actions.


Nominated by: Nida Mukhtar




Haleemah Naasirhussein

From: Tanzania


Just like a second mother, this energetic young woman is always there to support and nurture her siblings.

She motivates and inspires, whether it’s about education or just day to day situations in life, she is our mentor, guide and our backbone!

Always standing as a role model of selflessness, patience, resilience and a constant source of encouragement.

We are indebted to you Bai, thank you for always being there!

Thank you for being there for me through sleepless nights, when I’m hungry or hurt, or when I just need your warmth. I love you Mumma ~ Kareemah



Nominated by: Your loving siblings + Little Angel

Tahera Mohamed Hussein Rajani (Mrs. Haji Saheb)

From: KSIJ Dar - es – Salaam

Tahera Mohamed Hussein Rajani, famously known as “Tahera bai”

It gives me immense pleasure to write about this lady with unique personality, amazing calibre and innumerable titles can be bestowed upon her.  I don’t know which part of her personality do I start from? Whatever quality in a pious woman society you can think of in different roles, as a wife, mother, mother in law and also a woman doing her part in the society create an impact, she has it all.

Starting from home, an ever supportive wife to a someone like Haji Saheb who is assisting  24x7, seven days a week to the indigenous people. Tahera bai has an important part to play in it, being ever ready to receive guests, host them to the best, so on and so forth

She is a wonderful mother, an amazing mother in law and yes a very caring grandmother to 4 children.

An important aspect of her life that I want to specify here is that, being at home, she handles a very very big project of creating social awareness in the indigenous ladies, which is a topic that is often left out and un noticed. When we think of charity its always about food, shelter and material aspects, what about the emotional raise? Yes, she thinks and works for it. She puts all her efforts to guide the less privileged women on the hot topics affecting them, organizes seminars, invites lecturers relevant to topics, From the start till the end she manages it all. This covers more than 2000 ladies per program.

The ladies look forward to discuss their issues with her and she always give them an ear and goes an extra mile to support and guide them. They really feel comfortable to share the concerns with her and she listens and attend to it.

This also created an impact on how Muslims in our country contribute their part towards fellow human beings as being taught to us in the Holy Qur’an.

Thus people like her practically show us how to follow the Holy Lady Fatema (sa) through her character and her actions.

WIPAHS organization takes great pride in having somebody like her as an inspiration in every walk of her life to the ladies. Her ever ready attitude towards work boosts other also to never say die and work tirelessly for the pleasure of Almighty (swt)


Nominated by Various Inspired Ladies


Sabira Sadak

From: Mombasa Jamaat

One beautiful day an amazing personality was born with lots of potentials and with a truly kind heart.

Aunty Sabira Sadak:
a phenomenal human being, a  daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend etc
She is an inspiration to children and adults of all ages and people from all walks of life. 
She is also a madresah teacher and teaches the toddlers from her heart.

She is very considerate about her actions and leads a good example for the coming generation to learn from her.

She is always a happy go person and very keen with the feelings of her fellow human beings not only that but she loves serving the special needs when an opportunity arises. She treasures her friends and also maintains a good relation with friends from other communities and also tries to be of help to them too when an opportunity comes.

Sabira aunty loves visiting the orphans too.

May Allah swt bless her with lots of blessings. Ameen.


Nominated by Altaf Bhimani


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