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24 April 2024 / 15. Shawal 1445

Bangladesh External Tableegh March 2020


Our External Tableegh section has been involved in sponsoring the Islamic Education Centre in Khulna, Bangladesh since February 2019. 


The Islamic Education Centre was established in the year 1995. The Hawza department of the centre was inaugurated by Hujjatul Islam Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi, a prominent student of the great Ayatullah Syed Mar’ashi Najafi (ra), and it has been running with the best reputation ever since then. 


Under the leadership of Syed Razavi, this institution has been able to produce 47 religious scholars since its establishment, who are placed in different religious fields and centres as Resident Alim, Imam-e-Jum’ah, teacher or orator in different cities of Bangladesh. Among them, more than 25 students are seeking higher religious education in the holy cities of Najaf and Qum.


Some scholars after their studies overseas, prefer to settle in urban areas to perform their religious responsibilities, which results in the Mosques and religious centres in rural areas which remain deprived of having access to a good Alim. In desperate situations like these, the most laudable contribution of the Islamic Education Centre is to fill this vacuum through its students in all rural areas, Alhamdulillah.


Most of the students in the Hawza section are from different urban and rural areas of Bangladesh, such as cities of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Bagerhat, Barisal, Bogra and villages like Noornagar, Debhata, Narail, Ashasuni, Parbattipur, Phultala etc. 


At present, 23 students are getting religious education in the Hawza section and another 19 are university students but benefiting from an elementary religious course at the Hawza.


The course duration of the Hawza section is three years. As far as accommodation of the Hawza students is concerned, the centre has space to accommodate 28 students now, after the construction of a tin-shed hostel over the existing 1st floor hostel building. The centre intends to admit 7 more students this year, InshaAllah. 


Teaching Staff:

There are four well educated & experienced teachers who are dedicated full time with the Hawza. These are:

Hujjatul Islam Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi (Principal)

Hujjatul Islam Dr. Ali Murtaza (Head, education department)

Hujjatul Islam Mohammed Abdul Latif (Head, cultural department)

Hujjatul Islam Mohammad Shahidul Haque (Teacher)


Helping Staff:

Another 6 staff are ensuring the wellbeing of all the students:

Mr. Mohammad Iqbal (Head of administration and accountant)

Mr. Mahbub Al-Rahman (Hostel in-charge)

Mr. Syed Mohsin Mehdi (Attendant)

Mr. Mohammad Muslim (Night guard)

Mrs. Aleya Begum (Cook)

Mrs. Hamida Khatun (Asst. Cook)



The following subjects are being taught according to the syllabus of Hawza-e-Ilmiyyah: 

(1) Quran & Hadith 

(2) Fiqh & Usool (Jurisprudence & Principles)

(3) Moral & Ethics

(4) History & Biography

(5) Necessary regional matters & affairs

(6) Knowledge & Methodology 

(7) Islamic philosophy & Theology 

(8) Different religions & schools of thought

(9) Persian, Arabic & English language course 

(10) Computer programming course.


It is important to note that, the students of Hawza-e-Ilmiyyah are mainly seeking religious education but in addition to that, these students are also allowed to attain secular education as per their choice and capacity, without hampering their religious classes.


Shaykh Nadir Jaffer, Head of External Tableegh visited the Hawza in the beginning of February 2020 to review the educational, social and religious activities that are undertaken. His visit was highly appreciated by the Hawza administration and students as they feel it provides their encouragement and enthusiasm to continue with their noble work and improve year by year. 


The administration also expresses its sincere thanks and gratitude for the assistance extended to them by the World Federation and hopes that the co-operation and support would be strengthened even more in the years to come.




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