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29 November 2023 / 16. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

The World Federation Pledges £100k to CoEJ for the Hujjat Housing Scheme

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Inward Investment

For The World Federation, providing suitable and affordable housing for our community members is absolutely paramount to our organisation. One of our major priorities in 2018 is being able to work closely to identify and be part of a working solution for our core community issues, in which we refer to as an 'inward investment'.  We take this opportunity to help our community profoundly and would like to offer our assistance and support where it's needed most which will ultimately be able to sustain and grow our community internally.

The World Federation has already initiated global housing schemes in Africa (in partnership with Africa Federation and the local Jamaats) and India for many years and now we are working alongside CoEJ to see how this can be done in Europe. Hujjat Jamaat, a member of CoEJ has brought this opportunity to the UK. 

Most recently in the UK, we are becoming accustomed to rocketing house prices and years without substantial salary growth have prompted a growing number of younger people to give up the idea of owning their own home, or even coming close to getting on the property ladder. More people today are slowly abandoning their dream of homeownership and accepting the idea of long-term renting. This trend suggests lower levels of ownership may become “the new normal”. Although renting is not sustainable long-term due to high rate increase year on year, no permanet security, and often people are stuck settling for a house which doesn't suit all their needs. 

The World Federation realises the importance of helping our own community get on the property ladder, making the once distance dream become a soon-to-be reality.  

We are pleased to announce The World Federation have pledged £100,000 to CoEJ for the Hujjat Housing Scheme. This would not be possible without the support of our Executive Councillor, Alhaj Ahmed Daya, for his constant push toward such projects.


"I am really delighted The World Federation is working alongside CoEJ and helping our community members progress onto the property ladder, we hope to roll this out throughout our communities globally,in collaboration with the Regional Federations "   
Anwarali Dharamsi, President of The World Federation 

Helping Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri's Become First Time Buyers in the UK

We understand within our community there are many young couples and families who are able to sustain monthly mortgage payments, however, struggle to raise the necessary deposit to secure a mortgage. Identifying this problem within our community made us think about the best possible outcome which allows our members access to home ownership in an affordable way. 

This lead to the conception of the Hujjat Housing Scheme. The housing scheme allows newlyweds, families in the UK to get their foot on the property ladder. 

The Hujjat housing scheme is in the process of raising £500k for this scheme. The World Federation has generously contributed £100k towards this scheme to CoEJ.   The cash sum invested in the scheme will be re-used back into the Scheme, making it always available to new applicants. 

To find out more about the housing scheme please contact: [email protected].

Info on Al Asghary Housing Scheme can be found here.


The World Federation strongly believe every family in our community deserves an opportunity to call a place their own home. We will work effortlessly to ensure we continue to provide the support our community is in need of. 

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