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24 September 2023 / 9. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

What is Fatima Inspires?

World Federation Launches Second Annual ‘Fatima (SA) Inspires’ Campaign

Due to the popularity and widespread inspiration of this initiative last year, World Federation continues again this year to showcase the numerous merits and accomplishments of Muslim women across the globe! Through the guiding light of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (as), the leader of all the women of the world, we conduct this initiative through her infallible role of what it means to be among the best of women in Islam, safeguarding the rights of women, where men can also take an example of seeing how revolutionary the role of women is to our society today. With Women’s Day approaching on the Wiladat of Sayyyida Zahra, the founder of this special occasion, Imam Khomeini (r.a.) expresses how important such a day of recognition is for women, as it is a reminder to them of the respectable role women carry out in society from the beginning of time, and even today. It is a day to restore the values and core foundations of womanhood.


Where women are equally brilliant and hardworking as men, with many rights to honour, protect, and raise them to the highest of prestige, this form of ‘social media reform’ on behalf of the World Federation of KSMIC will display the amazing achievements of our women for the world to see, get inspired, and take example from in order to better themselves and their actions in society. We call upon you to nominate these wonderful and inspirational women of your lives! Ladies who have motivated, inspired, displayed leadership, demonstrated character, or have simply done something to impact your life in a positive way, tell us about them. You can make a short video clip or send in a photo with a short statement telling us who they are and how they have positively inspired you to 

[email protected].


For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


Keep an eye out for all the nominations on our page!


Some nominations from last year are : 

Fatima Manji, Essex, UK
Parin Ismail, Peterborough, UK
Zainab Walji, Leicester, UK
Sidika Vasram, Paris, Europe

Nominated by CoEJ Youth Desk

The elders within our community, on the whole, are given the respect and the recognition that they deserve. Putting in years and decades of service with little to no reward is no mean feat and no doubt they are duly recognised in most of the nominations so far. However, with the rise of the internet, the idea of the "have-it-all" woman, and feminism on the increase, our young women are certainly facing a whole different challenge to what the previous generation of young women had to face, and purely for that they deserve to be recognised and honoured.

Fatima Manji has been active on a youth committee where the average person is aged just 18! She has been inspirational in putting the Essex youth on the map, working on promoting the positive face of Islam in her local community. While her community centre is being built, this hasn't fazed her or her team from punching well above their weight and delivering superb events time and again in Essex, all while studying for her A-Levels.

Parin Ismail has been a Youth Leader for Peterborough for a number of years now. Serving her community in the best way possible, she has been involved in a number of projects for them. All this, whilst studying and eventually graduating as fully qualified pharmacist.

Zainab Walji is Leicester's go-to girl for all things youth related. Whether educational, spiritual, or social in nature, Zainab has been profound in getting the Leicester jamaat doing all things positive for the youth and the rest of the community. She is studying Financial Mathematics.

Last but not least, Sidika Visram is the focal point of the Paris youth. President of the Paris Youth Committee for some time now, she put together a phenomenal venue to host the first annual CoEJ Youth Leaders Conference, has done various events with Who is Hussain, and all while muslims are under the spotlight in a very sensitive part of Europe.

May Allah (swt) reward all these young women for their incredible hardwork and dedication, and I hope that it continues for years to come inshallah.

Nasim Virani, UK
Ummi Merali, UK
Siddika Jaffer, UK

Nominated by Nishaat Bhimani

Mashallah this is an amazing initiative to recognise the amazing women of our community.

My first nomination is my mum- Nasim Virani. My mum has been my dad and my mum since my dad passed away in 1990 at a very young age of 36.

But the reason I nominate her is because she is a living practitioner of ayat 186 of sura aale Imran.

Her total submission to and ability to see every moment of her life ( good and not so good) as a gift from Allah swt makes me think she truly follows and lives the event of kerbala.

I have seen my mum only come out stronger in faith when she lost her husband, son, 3 brothers and a sister in her short life.

Through her I have learnt and believe that every test from Allah swt is but a mercy!

My second nomination is Ummi Aunty Merali. I don't know where to start with her! She has given not just a few individuals but our whole community the best thing one ever can! Education. Her relentless efforts to educate us on our holy book in the scale she has are commendable! Qcity is legendary!

Ummi Aunty's knowledge about the Quran and her will to share it with the whole community never ceases to astound me.

There is something about her that so many Muslims and non Muslims want to have more and more of her. I believe she is the only woman who has for the past few years carried out various amals including amals of arbaeen and umme dauud on her own for ladies.

She is also the board member of harrow interfaith council.

She once in her majlis said 'live your life in a way that you leave behind a legacy' and what a legacy ummi Aunty will leave behind!

My last nomination is Siddika Aunty Jaffer. Siddika Aunty has excelled in something that majority of our brothers and sisters lack in. She has without being personally affected gone beyond what's expected of her to assist people with special needs in our community. From signing most majlis / lectures to organising events to teaching children at madressa so that they can be included in the mosque and learn about our religion.This selfless and under valued act is an example to all men and women in not just our community but every human being.

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