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05 December 2023 / 22. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

The Spring of Inspiration

Fatima: The Spring of Inspiration

During Ayyam E Fatimiyya, The World Federation are releasing ten audio clips that will take the listener into the world of Fatima al-Zahra as we seek to understand her greatness and the unique mark which she left on the Muslim community. From her unparalleled creation up until the last days before her passing away, we will explore various aspects of her life including practical instructions on how she lived – giving us inspiration on how to shape our lives. Download our PDF Book here


Day 1: The Heavenly Descent

To better know the importance of Fatima al-Zahra in our lives, we need to analyze the events which lead up to her conception and the Divine intervention – only then can we begin to understand this unique woman in Islamic history. Listen now .


Day 2: The Blessed Birth

The time of childbirth is one of the most difficult times for a woman and at the same time, one of the most joyous. For Sayyida Khadijah, this was a bitter-sweet event – with her experiencing nothing short of a “miracle”. Listen Now .


Day 3: Supporter of the Message

Fatima al-Zahra constantly strived to do whatever she could to support her father and the religion of Islam – from the days when she was a young child in Mecca to her adult days in Medina, she was always there to defend Islam. Listen Now.


Day 4:  Migration to Medina

It is never easy to leave one’s birth city, however, when your life is threatened, it is a  wise move. The shift to Medina would bring with it a major transformation in the  next phase of the life of Fatima al-Zahra. 


Day 5:    Link Between Prophethood and Imamate

The heavenly-sanctioned marriage of Fatima al-Zahra to her spiritual equal, Imam Ali  bn Abi Talib, created a unique bond between two important pillars of guidance for the Muslim community in the two Divinely-ordained responsibilities - Prophethood  and Imamate.


Day 6:  The Ideal Woman

The methods which Fatima al-Zahra employed to teach her children and the women   of Medina are exemplary. As she is a role model for both the women and men, we   can all learn from the techniques she employed while interacting with others.

Day 7:  In Defense of Imamate

Although she had to deal with the loss of her father, Fatima al-Zahra also had other  tragedies weighing heavily upon her heart – not only the theft of her property but  more importantly, the loss of her husband’s God-given status.


Day 8:  Beaten… Not Loved

The Quran ordered the Muslims to show love and reverence for the Ahl al-Bayt – the  family of the Prophet. However, this is something which Fatima al-Zahra did not  experience in the days following her father’s death until her own tragic demise.

Day 9:   From One Door to the Next

Death is a bridge we must all pass as we go from this world to the next. The passing of Fatima al-Zahra is one filled with grief when we reflect on the brief period she endured on her way back to her Maker.

Day 10:    Fatimiyyah IS Ashura

The importance of remembering the tragic martyrdom of Fatima al-Zahra as authored by the oldest living Shi’i marja’, Ayatullah al-Uzma Shaykh Safi Gulpaygani, he focuses on why Fatima al-Zahra is important and why we must learn from her life.

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