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07 December 2023 / 24. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Residential Youth Course for Boys at Khandala 2015

The World Federation of KSIMC in India conducted their fourth annual residential youth course for boys at Khandala earlier this month.

The course took place from 30th April to 3rdMay 2015 and was attended by a total of 36 students of varying ages between 13 and 16 years old. This included boys from all over India from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Pune, and Nasik as well as from Sharjah. The course was supported by six mentors, one Islamic Scholar and five admin personnel. The mentors had all previously attended the course and so were in the best position to assist the participants and were incredibly successful in their roles.

The course covered a wide range of interesting and informative topics, which included interactive sessions on Islamic guidance. Topics covered included:

  • Merits of salawat
  • The aim of life
  • Music & its ill effects
  • Time management
  • Public speaking
  • Social networking – use & misuse
  • Qur’an recitation tips

In addition to this, Wudhu and Salaah assessments were carried out for all students and a guidebook given to help ensure their actions be perfect. All Salaah was recited with Jamaat students were encouraged to recite  Adhaan, Dua of Maahe Rajab and Takeebat e Namaz Duas out loud to improve confidence as well recitation skills. Alongside all of these, sporting activities were also set up for participants such as treasure hunts, hurdle races, cricket, football and table tennis and team building exercises in a bid to increase personal development.

The course was successful by participants and parents alike and we received amazingly positive feedback from parents!

‘I have no words seeing the efforts of WF and InshaAllah this would lay a good future for my son. I look ahead for more such programs from WF for our community upliftment’ – Mrs Salma.

‘The first change I saw in my son after he got back from the youth course was that he asked me to change my mobile ringtone which was music. He is avoiding music and is ready to keep all his promises. Im so happy with all the efforts of WF. He praised the course so much that my daughter is all excited to be a part of it too’ – Mrs Fatema

Asad Virani, the India office manager of The World Federation of KSIMC was proud of the hard work his team put into the course and the progress they’ve made. ‘This year's Youth Course has reached the next level. We now have a team of mentors who have dedicated their time and showed consistent commitment to make this camp successful. Special thanks to Muhsin uncle Dharamsi, Shaikh Mustafa Bhurani, Jabir Vakil and Nadeem Halani to have managed the program so well’.

Shaikh Komail Rajani, Head of Islamic Education at The World Federation of KSIMC said ‘I am highly impressed by the Youth Courses being organised by The World Federation India Office. The feedback received by the parents’ shows the hard work put in by the team. Looking forward to the Youth Course for Girls scheduled from 29 to 31 May 2015’. 

For information on the Youth Course for Girls, visit THIS WEBSITE

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