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03 June 2023 / 14. Zil-Qad 1444

Regional Muharram Majlis 1442

Regional Rectitors for Muharram 1442


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Muharram Majalis Schedule 1442/2020


Maulana Shehenshah Naqvi

8 am = Ali Muttaqi jaafri house, soldier bazar

5 pm = Nishter Park

8 pm = Imambargah Babul ilm, north nazimabad

10 pm = Imambargah baqiatullah, DHA


Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi (London)

8 15 pm (Zaib e Mimber) = Shah Najaf imambargah, Marton Road

9 30 pm = Imambargah shohdaye karbala, Ancholi

11 00 pm = Markazi imambargah Jafer e tayyar, Malir 


Maulana Mohammad Ali Naqvi

12 am (Mid night) = Shohdaye Karbala , punjabi club , kharadar


Maulana Riaz Johri

8 30 pm = Al-Mohsin hall, FB area

9 30 pm = Imambargah Sahib uz zaman, gulistan e johar

10 30 pm = Aza khane Zehra, Soldier bazar

11 30 pm = Hussainia Iranian, kharadar


Maulana Syed Raza Haider Rizvi

2 pm = Arif Karbalai Home (Kashmir court, Pechs)

5 30 pm = Imambargah shohdaye karbala, Ancholi

8 30 pm = imambargah Ashraf ul Masajid , Amroha society

9 45 pm = Imambargah Mustafavi, sector 11, North karachi

11 15 pm = Markazi Imambargah Haider e Karar , sector 5, orangi town.


Maulana Mohammad Raza dawoodani

9 pm = imambargah Saamrah New Rizvia

10 30 pm = imambargah Shah e Karbala Rizvia society (Old Rizvia)


Maulana Hashim Abbas Zaidi

8 30 am = Aza khana syed bakshish hussain zaidi, B-41/627 , Jaffar e Tayyar Society


Maulana Mustafa Vakeel

9 pm = Al-Momin Square, Taj medical complex, Lines area


Maulana Mujtaba Hassan Jiwani

10 pm (zaib e mimber) = imambargah hussaini, bilal colony site area, korangi


Maulana Qamar Ali Lilani

8 pm = abbas Mama home (Petal homes, block 3, Pechs , near mhfl murtaza)

10 pm = Jama Masjid Khadija tul Kubra , sector 11, Baldia Town.


Maulana Muhammad  Irfan AVD

9 pm (zaib e mimber) = Markazi masjid o imambargah hussaini mission trust , shah faisal colony


Maulana Sajid Hussain Vakeel

8 pm (Zaib e mimber) = Markazi imambargah hussainia , Maatli - *interior*

10 15 = Mehfil e Hussaini , station road, Hyderabad


Maulana Syed Ahmed Ali Naqvi

7 am = shah e Khurasan.


Maulana Mehdi Raza Emani

7 am = imambargah shareekat ul hussain , gulistan e johar

7 30 pm = C/207, North Nazimabad , Saqi Hassan.


Maulana Irfan behlol Najafi

10 pm = Bara imambargah Kharadar


Dr. Asif Raza Zaidi

9 pm = Shah e Khurasan, numaish

*(entry for limited azadars)


Maulana Aijaz Mohsini

8 pm = Aza khane Zehra, soldier bazar

9 pm = imambargah Haashmiya, liaqatabad 3 no.

10 15 = imambargah Maasoomia hassan colony nazimabad


Maulana Ali Abbas Wazir

11 am = Bara Imambargah Kharadar


Maulana Murtaza abbas Abidi

9 pm = Mehfil e Abbas Alamdar , Al-Murtaza Society, Garden West 


Maulana Syed Arif Hussain Kazmi

5 pm = Shah Faisal colony

8 pm = shohdaye Karbala , Ancholi

9 pm = Abbas Town

10 30 = Aza khana Abu Talib , soldier bazar.


Maulana Nusrat Abbas Bukhari

7 30 pm = imambargah shareekat ul hussain , gulistan e johar

10 30 pm = Abbas town 


Maulana Syed Kazim Abbas Naqvi

8 pm = Masjid o Imambargah hadi, gulistan society

9 15 pm = Mehfil e Murtaza , Pechs

10 30 pm = IRC, ayesha Manzil.


Maulana Dr. Syed ali abbas zaidi

9 pm = Buturab imambargah, Azizabad


*Plz follow Govt. SOP's , Wear Face mask and use hand sanitizers..*



To be confirmed.



SIIJLA Los Angeles (PDT)

Daily at 8:30pm 

Speaker: Sh Muhammad Ali Muraj

broadcasting our program live via YouTube & Zoom InshA.

Our YouTube Link is:


Meeting ID: 514 926 4850

Passcode: siijla786

Schedule of programs attached


Jaffery Union of NE Ohio (EDT)

Daily at 7:30pm 

Speaker: Sh Jaffer Jaffer

You can join the session from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You can also dial in using your phone. 

United States: +1 (872) 240-3212 

Access Code: 377-563-917

Schedule of programs attached


SIJNY New York (EDT)


Nights 1 to 3: Dr Mohamedraza Dungersi

Nights 4 to 6: Sheikh Mohamed Al Hilli

Nights 7 to 9: Sheikh Nuru Muhammed

Nights 10 to 12: Sheikh Hussein Makke


HIC Orlando (EDT)

9pm EST

• Mohamed Baqer Qazwini nights 1-5 

• Shahnawaz Mahdavi night 6+ 


ISIJ Toronto (EDT)

2:00 PM – Shaykh Mujatab Musa (English & Urdu)

7:00 PM – Shaykh Tahir Ridha Jaffer (English)

7:00 PM – Maulana Ali Murtaza Zaidi (Urdu)

30 mins after Maghrib – Syed Asad Jafri (English)


Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Association of Edmonton (MST)

7:00 PM - by Imam Dr. Usama al Atar


Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association of Austin (CST)

7:00 PM – Sheikh Hazari


Husaini Association of Manitoba (CST)

7:00 PM – Syed Asad Jafri


Shia Muslim Community of British Columbia (PDT)

7:00 PM – Syed Muhammad Rizvi


Imam Hussain Islamic Center (CST)

7 PM - Sayed Shabeer Kirmani | Latmiya by Mulla Ali Fadhil (English)

9 PM - Sayed Muntadhar Aljaberi (Arabic)


Anjuman Asghari Minnesota (CST)

7 PM – Syed Saleh Al-Qazwini 




Imam Hasan Centre - Sydney EST

8.00 pm - English Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi 


8.00pm - English Children’s Program - Lesson from MCE Tarbiyah Syllabus 


9.00pm Urdu - Sheikh Idrees ul Hassan

Al Asr Society of Australia 


Maulana Sadiq Hasan



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Nairobi Jaffery Academy raised funds for the Fill My Cup Appeal to support students in Kenya and help them achieve success in education.

The World Wildlife Fund reported that by 2025, Pakistan will be on the brink of a major water shortage, with 33 percent less water than it needs. Already, too few dams exist to contain rainwater and millions of gallons flow out to sea each year. In 2010 and 2011 alone, it was reported that nearly 18 million gallons of water streamed out to sea. Today, millions of Pakistanis have no access to clean drinking water and farmers don’t have enough irrigation water to grow good crops.

In 2015, a UK based company, Jaffer Accountancy made a commitment to donate 5% of the fees they charge for their services to The World Federation’s Fill My Cup Appeal.