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03 June 2023 / 14. Zil-Qad 1444

Ramadhan Relief 1435: ‘The Tasbih Project’ – making difficult lives easier through art – Peterborough, UK

Year after year, the Holy month of Ramadhan continues to nurture the spirit of giving and this Ramadhan, ‘The Tasbih Project’ is raising money for The World Federation’s annual Ramadhan Relief Program. All proceeds raised through the sale of handmade tasbihs, art and jewelry in this Blessed month will be donated to the Ramadhan Relief Fund 1435.


Tasbih indicates repeated glorifications of Allah (swt) and ‘The Tasbih Project’ is a collection of one sister’s creative output inspired by the Almighty. The founder of this initiative expressed:  “I try to maintain a spiritual focus in all my work, from my art and calligraphy to my jewelry designs and writing, as they are my way of glorifying the One who creates all beauty.”



(Q1) The World Federation:  Could you give us a little background on 'The Tasbih project' and how it all began?


(A1) The Tasbih Project:  I've always expressed myself with art and have a particular interest in Islamic Art and Calligraphy. Last year I took up jewellery making after being inspired by a friend. Fundraising for worthwhile causes is also very important to me and the two come together with the Tasbih project, where I can express and showcase my art and jewellery and also raise money for causes close to my heart, as all items are paid through donations directly to charity via my pages or my local jamaat.

The first piece of jewellery I made was a tasbih (rosary) in Mahe Ramadhan last year. I bought myself some jewellery pliers, beads and wire, watched some online tutorials on using jewellery wire and managed to make a 33 bead tasbih with a charm. I made a few more, took them to mosque to sell for Ramadhan Relief and was encouraged to keep going by the amazing response they got. I now make tasbihs, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and hijab pins.

I have a room in my house I use for art and prayer. It's full of my art supplies including inks, bamboo pens, paints, beads and wire and I spend a little time there every evening to practice my calligraphy or design some jewellery. It's a great way to relax after work and gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day. I have a beautiful view of a field and trees from the window and made Qur'an and Ahadith cards to decorate the wall. This is also the room I pray and study in and I love to listen to Qur'an, Du'a and Islamic lectures while I draw, paint and bead.


(Q2) The World Federation:  What has been the response to ‘The Tasbih Project’ from the community and/or individuals?

(A2) The Tasbih Project:  The response to the Tasbih Project has been amazing! My community is so supportive and people have really embraced ‘The Tasbih Project’. I've had enquiries and requests for items from all over the country and have had lovely messages of support from people through my Facebook page. I've also started putting free resources on the website, including games and templates that I've put together over the years which have been well received too. The most recent resource was an iftar du'a card template and I'll be uploading my bookmark templates too.


(Q3) The World Federation:  What has been your most popular item?

(A3) The Tasbih Project:  The most popular items are a glass pearl 33 bead tasbih with aqeeq and feroz beads, and a crystal triple wrap 99 bead tasbih bracelet. I love using aqeeq, feroz and hadeed-e-seen in my designs and have recently designed jewellery featuring all of these stones for auction at my centre.

The single item which raised the most money was a calligraphy canvas I painted for auction on Miladun Nabi at my centre. The proceeds were donated to The World Federation’s Syrian Refugee Appeal. Alhamdulillah, through the blessings of the occasion, we raised £2,000!

I've also made jewellery and art to be auctioned at different centres. In fact, if anyone is raising money for one of my chosen charities and would like an item for auction, please do get in touch with me.


(Q4) The World Federation:  How do you choose which appeal to raise funds for?

(A4) The Tasbih Project:  I choose charities which raise funds for causes close to my heart - at the moment one of the charities I'm fundraising for is The World Federation and in particular, its relief projects.

(Q5) The World Federation:  How much have you raised so far for all the projects you have supported?

(A5) The Tasbih Project:  ‘The Tasbih Project’ has raised over £4,000 GBP through JustGiving and my local mosque. I'm not sure how much has been raised through items for auctions and stalls at different fund-raising events as some are still in progress.


For more information on The Tasbih Project, please visit:



Food and other aid distribution are underway across parts of Africa, Inda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Gaza, Middle East and Europe. The cost of one food basket is £30 GBP / $45 USD-CAD which will feed an average family of four for one month. Please donate generously to the Ramadhan Relief Fund 1435. As we enter the month of Ramadhan, your contribution will help support hundreds of thousands of families in their time of need. 



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For more information, please email [email protected]


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