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04 March 2024 / 23. Shabaan 1445

Qur'anic Word Of The Day - The Story

Qur’anic Word Of The Day - The Story

How it Began

The Holy Qur'an is the mainstay of our belief and faith. It formed the foundation upon which Islam is built and anchors us intellectually as well as spiritually.  The joy of understanding Allah’s sublime message reflecting in Qur’an is unparallel/second to none.

Earlier this year, Shaykh Kumail Rajani felt the need to start a project that would help people to better understand the meaning of oft-used Qur'anic words a step towards building a deeper connection with this miraculous text.  There seemed no better time to undertake this venture than during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, when both the minds and hearts of the people would be directed towards the holy text.

What We Did

The project aim was to introduce 30 words over 30 days to the general public and we targeted our audience across three online platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  However, it was important to us that this should be more than just a translation of the verses.

Etymology is extremely important when studying the language of the Qur'an.  The root, meaning and usage of each word provides nuances to the message intended through it.  It is no wonder then that we often read in traditions about the 'layers' of meaning in every divine verse and the 'depth' of knowledge contained in this holy message.

To emphasise this, each video we created included the recitation of the verse from which the word of the day was taken, it's meaning and a simple explanation of the context in which it is used within the Qur'an.

We then put these videos up on social media and encouraged our viewers to, in turn, share them and pass on the knowledge.

How You Responded

QWOTD, as we fondly refer to it, was a fantastic venture, not only in terms of the information it made available to the public, but also as a learning process for us at The World Federation.

With a daily average viewing of 10,288 and over 300, 000 video watched, it was heartening to see that the thirst for knowledge is strong amongst us and we hope to be able to create more content to meet that need.  One of the interesting things we noted was that the most popular days were those dedicated to the themes of Abd (Servant) and Sabr (Patience), both essential qualities that we require to succeed in our journey through life!

The project also emphasised what a powerful tool social media is and the 32,0421 Likes QWTOD (and 2000+ shares!) got on Facebook and Instagram was a clear response to the initiative. For us, this means that we can take on bigger, more interactive projects geared towards upliftment of the community.

We would like to thank you all for being part of this unique endeavour and for your support in sharing it with a wider network.  Look out for more such ventures from us in the future, inshaAllah! We received some fantastic feedback from many people all over the world during the project and we would love to hear what you thought. Please get in touch and let us know how you enjoyed these videos and what you took from them. Please email [email protected].

To view all of the videos, please click here.

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