The President of The World Federation, Dr. Asgharali Moledina accompanied by Aunalibhai Salemohamed, Gulambhai Virjee and Iqbalbhai Panju of The World Federation Secretariat visited the Kutch District in Gujrat State during September.

During the course of their visit they met with leaders and members of the local communities in Mundra, Nagalpur, Bhuj and Kera.

With the help of The World Federation and other agencies, the communities have prospered following the massive earthquake of 2001. However, as with many developing countries there are still areas which need to be addressed in terms of:

  1. Housing
  2. Education
  3. Economic Status of the Community

Al-hamdulillah, based on the above needs, work has already started in various jamaats.  There has been a considerable amount of good will from local community donors and social workers in terms of financial and human resources assistance.

For the majority of the projects carried out in Kutch District most of the funding has been donated locally and a bit of motivational funding may be necessary from time to time for the above needs.


40 families, total 175 members

On Saturday 20th September the President visited Mundra Jamaat where he was shown the completed extension of the imambargah and facilities which include a ghusl khana and kitchen. This has been partly funded by Zuhairbhai Fazal family from Arusha in memory of his late mother. These new facilities are now able to accommodate all attendees during programmes. The extension for the Mundra cemetary is ongoing.


30 families, total 125 members

For the visit of the President to Nagalpur Jamaat a wonderful community event was organized, followed by dinner. Al-hamdulillah, the local community is mostly self-sufficient and able to cater for the needs of their members. Assistance is requested in education specially for students going for tertiary education abroad.


90 families, total 500 members

On Sunday 21st September the President visited the new imambargah, Mehfil Babul Murad in Bhujj which he officially opened. The event was very well attended with representatives from all the Jamaats from the Kutch Federation. As per tradition all dignitaries were honoured with a shawl and a paghdi.


70 families Total 300 members

For the visit of the President to Kera Jamaat, he attended the annual recognition and prize giving ceremony for all Kutch students. Members from all the Jamaats from The Kutch Federation attended the ceremony. Notables from the Khoja Ismaili community in attendance addressed the audience assuring them of their full support and cooperation in the education field and praised the KHOJA SHIA community for their vision in this. The Kutch Federation has maintained very cordial relations with other local communities.

Many discussions were had including the need for more forward looking and thinking resident Alims. Inshallah, together with the Kutch Federation this will be a priority for The World Federation.