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24 April 2024 / 15. Shawal 1445

New Tarbiyah Platform launch update

The evolution of the Tarbiyah Curriculum has brought about the need to develop a robust and evolving global curriculum with modern methodologies, supporting material for students, teachers and parents whilst retaining core knowledge and spiritual ethos. At present the only way students are currently completing the curriculum is by downloading or using printed material provided within their madrasah. The MCE has invested into a more efficient, advanced platform for teaching and is looking to engage the students online.

The site is easy to navigate and user friendly in its usage. It will provide an easy-to-use educational portal for students to log on at any time or when the teacher is ready to complete the lesson. The platform will allow for multiple language use as the curriculum is global and will also facilitate interactive learning. This will be a one stop solution fusing the progress of modern technology together with The creative design and development of Tarbiyah to bring together an efficient initiative in learning for our children worldwide. 2020 has seen resources pool to bring together the Tarbiyah curriculum at the touch of a button. A taster of the platform can be viewed here.


A selection of 7 madaris worldwide have completed beta testing of the new site. This was for Band E (96 lessons) and the aim is to get a feel for how the site works and report any bugs or comments through the system back to the developmental team. With a dedicated log in process that is secure and unique, open to teachers and students and admin each of these will be able to see areas of learning and management that will pertain to them. This includes student lesson progress, results, and for admins details about what class the student is in and parent information. Feedback has come in and the development team has acted on it and implemented it and continues to better the platform.

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