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24 September 2023 / 9. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

Message from the President, Anwarali Dharamsi, 3rd July 2020

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the most Merciful


My fellow members of the Community,


Salamun Alaykum


I pen this message for all my fellow Community members at large. I sincerely would like to thank you for your messages over the past few days, which have come via emails, WhatsApp, calls and text. I pray that Allah (SWT)’s infinite bounties and mercy continue over you and your loved ones.


The community is going through challenging times since we had the last World Federation elections in January 2020. Whilst it may seem an uphill task, our community has faced bigger hurdles before and has always been able to resolve them and emerge stronger. I am confident that through collective wisdom and continuous dialogue, we will overcome the current challenges as well and come out of this, an even stronger community than before.


While we may need to revisit certain elements of how we operate globally, be it our structures or changes to our constitution, it is our collective determination and cohesive working across regions and jamaats that will take us forward.  We cannot under any circumstances let the differences arising from an election dismantle what has been meticulously and diligently established by our forefathers, with generations of voluntary sacrifice and substantial resources utilised over the past four decades.


As a global strategic organisation, we have always used our governance structures enshrined in the constitution to debate, deliberate and work through any challenges that we have had for over forty years. The unfortunate timing of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the delay of our Triennial Conference and with travel restrictions still in place, it was of paramount importance for the Executive Council to meet virtually. Although a virtual meeting was not ideal, it was important to attempt to find a way forward. I want to reassure our community that the recently concluded Executive Council is not reflective of all our meetings as the lack of ‘face-to-face’ and the usual camaraderie among the different Councillors from all over the world, dampened the spirit of the meeting. 


The one thing that I am certain of is that all the Councillors present at the meeting have deep rooted love for the organisation, the global community and do not wish to see it remain in an impasse for a long duration. When we are united as a community, we have achieved tremendous success by all our Jamaats, Regional Federations as well as the World Federation. We have throughout our time received nothing but great support from all members of the Regional Federations, from the Executive Council and indeed from philanthropists, well-wishers and past leaders. Such encouragement, guidance and words of support formed great strength for our team.


As I mentioned to the Executive Council, we are at an impasse, and the Executive Council has not been able to reach a consensus or agreement on the matter and the way forward. My Office Bearers and I have decided to step aside in our respective roles after a period of 30 days following the conclusion of the just ended Executive Council session. I want to reassure the community, that we did not take this decision in haste nor was it brought about in the heat of the moment. We felt it was appropriate for us as a team to step aside so that the Executive Council may be able to converge on a way forward which is within the bounds of our governance rules, fair and equitable to all parties concerned. we will always cherish our time as custodians of our beloved Organisation with love and affection. It has been our greatest honour.


I urge the Executive Councillors, and in particular the Regional Federation leadership, to focus on finding a way forward and to make preparations in ensuring an interim team is appointed/elected before the 30-day period is over to ensure orderly handover and make sure the day-to-day operations of the organisation have minimal disruption. My entire team and I commit to be available to guide the interim team to the best of our abilities, should they so desire. We owe it to our Community and to the beneficiaries of our work to quickly solve the impasse. After all, The World Federation’s motto is: “We Exist to Serve”.


My Office bearers have already started working on the various documentations and processes for handover to ensure that we create a smooth and seamless transition to the interim team. Inshallah, we will keep the Executive Council updated on the progress. Additionally, I have asked the Secretariat team to share the various video reports and information of projects and work carried out by the entire team at the World Federation over the last three years.


We are a God-conscious community and I assure you that my team and I have given our best to serve you and our organisation conscientiously with integrity in discharging our duties. Being mere mortals, if anyone of us has acted or done something that is not befitting, then I pray to Allah (SWT) through the intercession of our Ahlul Bayt (A.S) to have mercy on us, and I also ask that you find it in your heart to forgive us. Do remember us in your prayers, so that Allah (SWT) accepts our services rendered for His pleasure and His pleasure alone.

May Allah continue to give us Tawfeeq to seek His pleasure by serving His creation. 


With Salaams & Duas,




Anwarali Dharamsi


3rd July 2020


On Behalf Of:

Anwarali Dharamsi, President 

Shabbar Dhalla, Vice President

Shan E Abbas Hassam, Secretary General

Mohamed Kazim Bhaloo, Hon. Treasurer

Mahmood Dhala, Assistant Secretary General

Muntazir Bhimji, Assistant Hon. Treasurer

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