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26 March 2023 / 4. Ramadhan 1444

MCE Updates for September 2020

MCE recently held an online workshop which was highly oversubscribed. On 5/9/20, Tarbiyah teachers met virtually, in a successful and well received workshop, which empowered them with tools, tips and techniques for teaching the Tarbiyah curriculum online. We endeavour to host more workshops like this so that our global teaching family can benefit from best practice. See a snapshot of our videos here.

Digitisation of Tarbiyah Curriculum: The feedback received from the beta testing of Band E lessons has been actioned as appropriate. Bands E and F are done. Band D is progressing well and we have asked for access to Band C lessons so that we can make a start on it too.

Tarbiyah storybooks: MCE and the development team in Australia have been working on an app for the storybooks. The scheduled launch date was 27 September.

Teaching Skills Programme (TSP): Following the accreditation of TSP by the Northern Council of Further Education (NCFE), we received the first set of certificates for madrasah teachers in AFED who have successfully completed all 5 microteach sessions. The certificates have been sent to Syed Hasan, Head of AFTAB, for presentation to the teachers.

Online teaching: On 5 September, MCE held an online programme on Tools, Tips and Techniques for Online Teaching with madrasah teachers worldwide. Over 160 participants had joined. The first part was for the whole group and it covered how to achieve the key features of Tarbiyah using an online platform. In the second part, the participants split up into groups and attended one of four workshops. The last part was for everyone to share best practice.

The online version of the Spiritual Development Programme (SDP) is ready and a message has gone out to madaris inviting them to register for the programme.

Incase you missed the news on the first Batch of the Teachers Skill Program  (TSP) Participants who were awarded with Level 2 Qualification by the NCFE please read our KhojaNews article here

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