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26 March 2023 / 4. Ramadhan 1444

The MCE team is delighted to have the opportunity to help the smaller setups have access to Tarbiyah books for their children

Iqra Library is based in Leicester, England. The kids who attend this library have access to various Islamic books and to deen and taa’lim books amongst other books.


The Iqra library recently purchased our children's books and would like to share the following with us:

"Thank you World Federation -  KSIMC 

IQRA library would like to extend deep gratitude - for the Tarbiyah storybooks. The books are indeed a very useful addition to the IQRA Book Library Leicester. 

It provides great lessons for children and their families." 


Pictures of the IQRA library can be viewed in our gallery below. 


Testimonials - by the IQRA library members 

 “We are thankful to Iqra Library for borrowing these wonderful tarbiyya storybooks to us. They are my kid’s favourite & a must. Each book is written so beautifully with attractive pictures & well thought. We are truly blessed to have these inspiring books for our community children. JazakAllah”   

I am a mother of a 4-year-old girl - and my daughter loves the Tarbiyah books. The colorful illustrations and simple words are very helpful in creating an Islamic atmosphere in our home. Books like Meet the Rashids, Show & Tell - help little minds understand the true Islamic values. - Thank U IQRA for these books”  

 “The Tarbiyah storybooks are very interesting to read. The colorful pictures and interesting stories have helped me understand many Quranic stories very easily. The builder of the Kaaba, Mummy & me, Cool Fire - are some amazing books that narrate stories of great Prophets in an interesting manner” Maryam, 4 years   

 “Thank u dear, The books are awesome!  I don’t have words to describe them, we read 1 book every night with Zahra & it’s amazing, I give so much Duas” - Mother of a 5-year-old.   

 “Tarbiyah book - Dinos' playdate A fun and an eventful book which follows the adventure of some dinosaurs who play together. The book is written in rhyme which makes it more playful to read and has strong morals taught including telling the truth even when we fear it and also mistakes happen. Great talking points and activity suggestions at the end and short memorable hadith and verses to engage even the youngest of readers.” - Masooma, Leicester UK     

“The books are really well structured. It goes in a lovely order where there is a storytime, questioning, moral, hadith & activity. The books are actually fantastic. Want to read the whole set.” - Mother of 2 children.    

 “I love the books! I find the stories so interesting & I also sing the rhymes. My parents read it for me every night & I look forward to it” Zahra Walji 5-year-old 

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