On Thursday 3rd June 2015, The World Federation was saddened to hear the news that Ayatullah Shaykh Mohammed Mehdi Al-Asefi (RA) has passed away, at the age of 76.

Marhum Ayatullah Shaykh Mohammed Mehdi Al-Asefi (RA) was born in Iraq and studied at the hawza in Najaf. His teachers included the Late Ayatullah Khomeini (RA).

He spent many years dedicated in various charitable projects and initiated several projects to help those in need, especially the Shias regardless of origin and race.

One such organisation was a welfare organisation which aimed to help widows and orphans of the Shia community, particularly those who sought refuge from the Afghan borders into Iran. The World Federation of KSIMC worked closely, through him, with the Imam Baqir (AS) Foundation, whose purpose was to provide humanitarian support to Afghani refugees in Mashhad. He was one of the first individuals to have worked with The World Federation in assisting our Afghani brethren and continued to work with us for a number of years.

The Shaykh was also a very learned scholar who wrote numerous books on Tafsir and Islamic Education. He also started up the first ever female-only, Arabic hawza in Qum, which attracted many students from all over the world, including a large number of women from Africa.

Ayatullah Shaykh Mohammed Mehdi Al-Asefi (RA) was a representative of the Ayatullah Khamenei in Iraq and fought tirelessly against oppression and for the religion of Allah (SWT). He was a very devoted scholar who spent his time defending Islam and spreading his vast knowledge to others. The President of The World Federation, Dr. Moledina, was fortunate to have met this great personality a few times and, in his own words, was touched by Late Ayatullah’s simplicity, humbleness and sincerity. From the time of Late Mulla Asghar, Ayatullah Al-Asefi held the Khoja community in very high regards and today we have lost a true servant of Islam. He dedicated his life to Islam and the Shia community has truly lost a great leader.

As the Hadith goes, when a scholar dies, there is a vacuum created that would be hard to fill. Alas, we have today felt the vacuum created by his demise. May the Almighty elevate his status and grant him a place in the proximity of the Chosen Fourteen Masumin (AS).

We humbly ask all mumineen to kindly remember the Marhum, and all Marhumeen, in their duas.