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01 October 2023 / 16. Rabi-Ul-Awwal 1445

Khums App


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In today’s busy world, we know it’s hard keeping track of all the different financial commitments one has and making payments on time.


That’s why we’ve created an intuitive Khums Calculator App to help you calculate what you owe and make it easy for you to pay your obligation.


Khums is a compulsory religious obligation for Shia Muslims. It refers to paying a religious tax of one-fifth (20%) on, most commonly, your earnings after deducting your expenses. You can find out more about what’s eligible from our quick Khums Guide.


Khums must be paid annually on a date that you set. The date can be based on either the lunar (Hijri) or solar (Gregorian) calendar, and it can coincide with other financial accounting you may do, which is especially useful for business owners.


We know that people may have a different date to pay their khums on, and so we’ve designed the app to give you reminders and make it easier for you to track your payments year on year.


This means you won’t ever need to create a spreadsheet to work out your khums or trawl through previous statements to find out what your last year’s balance was. Everything can be stored securely and confidentially on the Khums App, giving you full access and control at your fingertips.


Best of all, you can use the Khums Calculator App to send a direct payment of khums, administered through The World Federation. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a signed receipt from the Marja.

The World Federation is proud to have permission (ijaza) from His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani (may God protect him) to collect khums payments on his behalf and to disperse the Sehme Imam part on religious projects, such as our children’s education, supporting the Hawza students with their studies, building effective community centres where needed, publishing books by our Islamic Education department, Internal and External Tableegh, plus many more.

Find out more on how khums payments are used through our Khums Guide.


Download the app now from the Google and Apple app stores.


What makes our Khums Calculator App so special:


  • Update your khums data year by year
  • Add multiple accounts for each year
  • Automatically bring forward your balance to the next years calculation
  • Upload photo documentation for any items (IOS)
  • Get a consolidated view of your payment information
  • Make your payment to fulfil your obligation from within the app direct from your phone
  • Have access to khums guidelines and information within the app
  • Select your regular currency
  • Confidential: All the data you add to the app is stored on your phone.


Watch our previous Treasurer and current World Federation Councillor Reza Hooda explain more about the app.



You can download our khums app on the Google and Apple app stores, and after a simple set up of your details, the app will instantaneously help you calculate your khums liabilities, set reminders for the future and take payments to fulfil this beautiful and benevolent obligation, Alhamdulillah.


Through The World Federation, you can fulfil your fifth and pay your khums with confidence, that with our zero% admin policy, your payment will only be used for the conditions of khums. 


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