Dear Friends,

One of my greatest pleasures is acknowledging your gracious support of The World Federation’s many relief and development initiatives that aim to benefit the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children across the globe who live in hardship.

Around the year, we receive countless requests for assistance. The amount of aid we can offer in return is only as extensive as the donations made by friends like you. Your generosity is the answer to the prayer of every person who struggles with poverty, disaster or conflict.

Last week, I had the opportunity to reflect with our Relief Team on some of our achievements this past year. I cannot tell you how many tears of joy and gratitude have poured down the faces of those whose lives your generosity has touched. Your care and concern helped them through some difficult times over the year and for this we are truly grateful. I speak on every beneficiary’s behalf when I say: Jazakallah for your most wonderful support! Your true reward lies with the Almighty, insha’Allah.

Thanks to your contribution in 2014:

  • Two-year old Hamid’s burn wounds on his lower back - sustained when he fell into a pot of hot milk in a village in Pakistan - are healing nicely
  • 158 seniors in India and Sri Lanka slept peacefully knowing that they had a little bit of income coming in each month to help them with their living expenses
  • 36 new wells were built in Pakistan to provide the locals access to clean water
  • 2 new affordable housing projects are underway in Kenya and Tanzania – one of them will care for widows and seniors
  • 910 goat qurbanis for Eid al Hajj were arranged in Kenya and Tanzania
  • 152 food parcels were distributed to families in Gaza during the conflict
  • 1 hospital room in a hospital in Gaza was fully equipped with urgently needed medical supplies and equipment
  • 153 blankets were gifted to displaced families living in relief camps in Muzaffarnagar, India
  • 1 orphanage and education centre is under construction in Haiti to provide a warm and caring place for orphan boys and girls living on the streets
  • USD20,000 worth of emergency aid was delivered to the flood victims of Jammu and Kashmir (India)
  • 53 live goats were provided to women in Kenya’s Ukambani region to allow them the opportunity to earn an income by selling goat milk produced by these livestock with the overall goal of becoming financially self-reliant
  • 30 couples were married in Skardu, Pakistan who otherwise could not afford the cost of a wedding; each couple also received a ‘Wedding Gift Pack’ from The World Federation which included household items such as utensils, cutlery, dishes, a sewing machine, and clothes
  • 4 microfinance projects were sponsored to encourage new and existing entrepreneurs to build their businesses
  • 1 community upliftment project is underway in Kenya where 100 participants were  trained to build kitchen gardens, 5,000 trees were planted, 120 desks were gifted to a primary school and 1 conference was organised for students on ‘Education and Community Development’
  • 12 new Islamic Centres are under construction in Pakistan’s flood affected areas
  • 8 new homes were constructed in Balochistan, Pakistan to house families who we discovered had been living in frayed tents since 2010
  • 125 apprentices received carpentry training and 25 cash grants were provided to Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines as part of an ‘Emergency Employment and Small Business Recovery Program’ in partnership with the United Nations
  • 2,000 food baskets were distributed to Syrian Refugee families in Lebanon and Turkey

Thank you for supporting The World Federation with your donations in 2014. Our accomplishments are in reality your accomplishments. On this blessed day of Eid-e-Zahra, I pray to the Almighty to accept your kindness to humanity both in this world and in the Hereafter and grant you all a continuing spirit of generosity and concern for the Muslim Ummah.

Please accept my very best wishes to you and your families for the coming year.


Dr. Asgarali Moledina


The World Federation of KSIMC