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29 November 2023 / 16. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

India Youth Camp December 2019


The 8th Annual Youth Camps organised by The World Federation’s India office took place from 21st December to 29th December 2019 at the Seth Moloobhoy Khoja Sanatorium, Khandala. The boys camp took place from 21st to 25th December followed by the girls’ camp from 25th to 29th December.

The camp consisted of 5 admins, 16 mentors and was attended by 62 participants in total. The timetable for both – boys and girls was planned in such a way that the day began with Fajr Salaat in Jamaat and ended with planet time among the mentor and their mentees. The participants had 3 classes in a day in the form of lectures, conducted by mentors, which was followed by the zuhrain salaat and lunch. The topics of these lectures included the advantages and disadvantages of social media, time management, how to strengthen our bond with the Imam (atfs) of our time, Learning surah names in story form, khums, etc. All the topics were selected keeping in mind the need of the hour and the challenges faced by the youth.

The participants were accompanied by spiritual guides to ensure their spiritual development was also on par with their physical and mental development. These guides conducted a brief session before and after every salaah discussing the rules of namaz, the importance of offering the namaz on time, and also attended to the various questions and queries that the participants had regarding the Islamic laws. The participants also got a chance to participate in the group recitation of Dua e Kumail and Ziyarat e Ashoora.

After lunch, all the sessions conducted were inactivity form and special slots for playtime and sports were also reserved. The activities included the life history of Infallibles (as), bonfire, enact a story, camp news, letter reading, creativity: draw your imagination, treasure hunt, the hurdles race, mind your head and feet activity, live snakes and ladder, kho-kho games, tug of war, table tennis among many others.

The admin team received numerous requests from participants asking to prolong the duration of the stay. Overall the camp was successful as the team received positive feedback from parents saying their children had a very good experience and enjoyed themselves and that they were already looking forward to the next camp.


Feedback from Participants:

Public speaking, treasure hunt, table tennis and personalized lectures were among my favourite activities on the camp. Everything was perfect enough and no more special changes. You all are doing an unbelievable job for the youth” – Boy Participant


The camp was awesome, I loved it. I would come again. 5 stars” – Boy Participant


Treasure hunt, drawing with the team, camp news, etc, all the activities and all the lectures were excellent. I did not face any problems at the camp because your arrangement was excellent.” – Girl Participant


It was my first experience of the bonfire and I loved it. I liked the activity of mind your head and feet and the treasure hunt was so much fun. Every activity was amazing” – Girl Participant


The the skit, news reading, letter reading, treasure hunt, mentor’s sessions were all my favourite activities. Everything was perfect. Really happy that I attended this camp” - Girl Participant



Feedback from Parents:

It was a good experience for him. Personal time if increased, he could have slept more. He liked the lectures but all weren’t interesting. Overall it was good. Personally, we appreciate the gesture of involving the youth positively and connecting them to each other. Keep up the good work.


Thanks Asadbhai and also The World Federation for the carefully and meticulously planned youth camp. May the Almighty accept your efforts. May your good self and your entire team be enumerated amongst the helpers of Hazrat Mahdi (atfs) Mohammed Abbas really enjoyed all the lectures and activities.  It gives me great pleasure to know that he was washing his own plates and waking up for namaz e fajr in Awwal e waqt. The camp will go a long way in making these youngsters responsible grownups.  Looking forward to your next camp. Please do let us know in case we can be of any help. Jazakallah once again.”


We would like to thank The World Federation and India Federation especially Brother Asad Virani and his entire team for organising such a wonderful and informative youth camp. These few days gave our child exposure to Islamic learning in a fun way. Care was taken to keep the environment sanctified such that it encouraged the youth to get motivated towards our faith and beliefs yet keeping the atmosphere light.


Our son, Mohammed Mahdi has come back with positive changes with more enthusiasm about learning the religion better. Along with teachings about Fiqh, Tareeq, Akhlaq, and Aqaid, topics are chosen by the mentors were inspiring and in line with today’s day and age.  The personality development training, sports time and planet time were some of the innovative ways of engaging the children during the trip.


These activities helped the children know each other better and become good friends for life. Mohammed Mahdi was lucky to have Brother Alireza Punjwani as his mentor who has had a lasting impression on him. They were assessed for their Wudhu and Salaat and were helped by their mentors to correct their mistakes. This being the first camp our son participated in, we look forward to many more fun-filled Islamic camps in future InShaAllah. Pray that Allah(swt) accepts the efforts made by our brothers and that Imam(atfs) always guide and protect our youth Aameen.”


Indeed it was a commendable trip for our boys which focused on ethics, talents, Islamic knowledge and fun altogether. May Allah swt grace all the effort makers and help our kids to benefit from it and attain success here in world and aakherah. JazakAllah.”


It was an experience beyond explanation for my son. He gets so much spiritually uplifted that we cannot believe it. Should we keep it twice a year one long trip as usual and one shorter one after 06 months.  What’s your opinion? Anyway thanks for all the care and favour done to the children of our community I really appreciate deep from my heart and pray for all the guys involved in this Noble cause.


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