Since the launch of the Fatima (sa) Inspires Campaign, The World Federation social media team has been inundated with nominations of women who have inspired others. From Australia to Tanzania to Canada to Dubai – nominations have been received for women all around the world!

This week, we look at 10 of the nominations that have been received.  For more information, please visit The World Federation facebook page.

1. Aaliya Rajani from London, UK (originally from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Nominated by Sakina Moloo from Dar es Salaam,Tanzania:

My role model, 
Is beautiful in body and soul.. 
Coz to please the Imam is her only goal, 
She moves my heart and animates me as a whole..

She inspires me to do the best, 
Reminding me of my intention, forgetting the rest.. 
Holding on to the weakest rope, 
No more with sorrow can meekly cope..

No matter who told her lies,
She stood beneath the silver skies.. 
Thinking of building a dream house, 
She is now a faithful, true, dedicated and reliable spouse..

Staying firm and raising my hands is what I've learnt, 
To face life's challenges and never get burnt.. 
Holding family close to heart no matter what, 
Wearing my hijab coz it means a lot.

Her work all dedicated to the community, All aiming at giving as charity.. 
Keeping differences away, 
For the Imam this is how we have to stay..

The inspirational hold she has on me is undescribable, 
Just like a mother raising one from a cradle.. 
My light in a world of confusion, 
She quotes, "Everything has a solution"

I'm thankful for all that you've done, 
As a SISTER Aaliyah, you're number one!

2. Zahra Kanani Walji from London, UK

Nominated by Sumayya Alidina from London, UK.

'She inspires me to live my life following the message of the AhlulBayt (sa)
She inspires me to present myself with the best of Akhlaq for the sake of Allah (swt)
She inspires me to put my faith in Allah and no one else
She inspires me to always continue down the path of self development in my spirituality
She inspires me to perform the ziyarah of our AhlulBayt (sa) and seek intercession through them
She inspires me to be kind and generous, following the example of Sayyida Zahra (sa)
She inspires me to never stop learning 
She inspires me to help others and do what I can to make the world a better place
She inspires me to be a better person'

3. Nazmina Dhanji (Virjee) from London, UK

A beautiful soul who is truly an inspiration to me in many ways! Words would not do justice in describing her outstanding personality. 

Nazmina's dedication and loyalty to serving others is to be admired along with her energy in motivating others to do the best in life. 

I admire this beautiful soul for her strong Imaan and generous heart; continually inspiring others in strengthening their Imaan and polishing their Akhlaq through observing her wonderful character. 

A beautiful friend who's purpose in life is to serve others with kindness, care and trust. 

I feel very privileged to have such an angel in my life who continues to inspire me with her love for the Almighty, her pure intentions and care for all of God's creation. 

May the Almighty shower his blessings on her always and forever. Ameen.

4. Alima Raazia Batool Najafi, Qum

 Nomination by Zehra Mukhtar, UAE

She inspires me to learn,practice, teach....
She inspires me to yearn for Allah...
She inspires me to strive hard...
She inspires me to love islam and Ahlulbayt....
She inspires me to to be a fatimi and love everyone for the sake of Allah.
She inspires me to be a Raazia .. who's contented. 
She inspires me to be fatimi. ...

5. Shireen (Sheila) Tejani from London, UK

Her character reminds me of the saying of Imam Ali (a.s).

'Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company' 

She inspires me more each day with her wisdom and selfless acts of helping others. She is always ready to listen, advise and whole heartedly do whatever she can to help. I started off knowing her as my teacher but today I am proud to say I feel she is more like a mother. Just by observing her humble character, she inspires me to live a sincere life and not get engrossed in this temporary dunya. A selfless human who is dedicated in spending each moment of her life in serving others, always with a warm smile and practical advice. 
Someone who continues to inspire both young and old through her dedication to the community. A role model in aspects of kindness, compassion, trust and humbleness.
May the Almighty shower his Rahma on her beautiful soul always.

6. Munira Parmar- Yusufali from Lindi

Nominated by her family.

From Your Children (Zul, Sameer and Chand):
You have been the perfect mother throughout our lives. Through your struggles, you continuously teach us to be strong, ambitious, optimistic, kind and to have faith. You teach us to be respectful, compassionate, loving, and to give importance to humanity. You teach us all this, while moving us forward and keeping us on the the right path; while guiding us over the obstacles. They say, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." You not only pamper us by lifting us over some of the obstacles in our path: you also guide us in climbing over them ourselves.

From Your Daughters-in-Law (Zainab and Sameera):
We are grateful to have you as our mother, not just as an in-law. Your support, love and care is unlimited, in abundance. You are an inspiration to us as you never stop to learn, apply, and contribute in a never-ending cycle; you always put your family first and continuously have your soft hands around them, molding them in an Islamic way, like we're clay.

From Your Grandchildren:
Dadi, you have been like a guardian angel protecting us all: our fairy Godmother. You're always there for us when we need you, with a huge smile on your face.

All in all, has a heart that never allows to choose wrong over right, and has always guided us toward the right. Considering how awesome she is, all the above words don't do justice to her. She is a mother to all of us.

-By her Children and Grandchildren

7. Zakira Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla from Toronto, Canada.  

Nominated by Kazim Rahemtulla from Switzerland. 

I have been following Zakira Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla's work for many years now on social media. One of the most inspiring things that Zakira Shyrose has done, in addition to her lectures, writing, puppet shows and her other amazing projects is her great work on NASIMCO as an Executive Councillor. Over the years she has fought for women's rights to vote in their jamaats and given speeches on this topic to all the voting delegates (who were mostly males).

In 2014, she successfully managed to propose and pass a constitutional amendment that all existing and new member jamaats in North America (under NASIMCO) must have a written bylaw according women their own personal vote and the eligibility to stand for any position in jamaat elections. 

This is a huge achievement for women's rights and will surely inspire other jamaats around the world to do the same.

As a youth and a male I admire her efforts to make our community a better place for the upcoming generations. It feels so encouraging to know that our daughters will grow up in an empowered community and can be the leaders of tomorrow inshAllah. Ameen

8. Saadiyah Alireza Nathani from Birmingham, UK


Nominated by her daughter, Bashaer Rizwan

She spends her life always serving others and in that she has shown me the true meaning of selflessness, whether that be as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, neighbour and most importantly a human being. She is known as 'Mama' not only to my siblings and I, but the rest of the family too, and all the way to the Jamat youth because she gives a mothers love and care to whomever she meets. 24 years later I'm still as dependent on her and use her love to my advantage ... especially to dodge kitchen duty ... my husband has eaten more of her food than mine!

9. Mubinah Muntazir Virjee from Dubai

Nominated by Fatima Merali.

"With wilayah comes responsibility..." 
Her words are engraved in my heart and mind since....and it feels so appropriate to write this in the vicinity of the shrine of Ameerul Mu'mineen (a), the same place she spoke these words 5 years ago, in a short lecture that had a huge impact on my heart.

I used to watch her in mosque and listen to her when she gave her talks in Madrasah classes and majalis. Her style was never to preach by command but to explain through incidents and stories from the lives of the Ahlulbayt and how to apply in life. It all sounded very practical. It was only 2 years later in Dec 2011, on a trip to Iraq for Ashura, that I got to know her closely and I'd say that she is one of the coolest people I know! For anyone that sees her, they would see one of the most well dressed people at anytime, her hijab would be smart and proper, would always greet with a smile. Works tirelessly for the Madrasah, which she and her team consider 'being in the employment of Imam Mahdi (a)', despite the many guests she always has at home. For her, Madrasah time belongs to the children and every minute must be spent wisely, there should be no khiyanat in that amanat. She is so approachable and friendly and ever ready to help. Infact, she goes out of her way to help! A very good listener, an excellent reciter of duas and Quran and an amazing teacher. All this would be something very ordinary to anyone reading, but the closer one gets to her, they would realize what makes her special enough for this nomination. In every walk of her life, she thinks of Allah's pleasure. 

She's so careful and particular about everything, from her hijab, time of prayer, to food source and akhlaq...yet one of the most entertaining people for those who love Ali (a). 

Having talked to many who know her, their thoughts about her come to just one line...for her, religion is a 'way' of life, not a 'part' of life.....

It is easy for anyone to claim to "love" Ali (a), muslims and non muslims alike....but in Mubina I see a "follower" of Ali (a), trying to fulfil the responsibility of the trust of Wilayah at every step.... And thats what she inspires all around her to be.

10. Dilshad Jaffer

Nominated by her children: Children; Fatema Mustafa jaffer, Sajida Ahmedhussein and Sidika Mustafa Dewji, and her grandchildren: Grandchildren; Aliasgher Jaffer, Sakina Mehboob Jaffer, Sajjadhussein Jaffer, Sakina Batool Bandali, Aliabbas Bandali and Mustafa Dewji

I would like to nominate our mother; Dilshad Jaffer

Mummy, we went through a lot of trials but you kept strong, you taught us to be strong and to face any trial which came across us. The utmost important principle of "humanity" and "truthfulness" comes first in every aspect of life which dwells within us as we grow. You taught us not to differentiate and to be united and sort things out together. It's not me and you, it about us, small or big we are one.

Our sister in law is our sister and that is the value of unity and togetherness we have grown with taught by mummy. Bhabhi, Fatema rajwani (Jaffer) we love you a lot. Our one and only precious Bhabhi/Sister. Mummy, You have been the guiding light for us not only in religious matters but also in secular education aswell as extra curricular activities. The values we hold today comes from you, mummy I am so physically far from you but spiritually I speak to you in my heart every day, love you a lot mummy. Mummy, we can't be grateful enough for how much you have done for us and taught us the special values which to find these days is hard. Thank you sooo much mummy. Words are not enough to explain gratitude.

From your grandchildren:
Nanijaan, Dadijaan, we love you so much, i enjoy the way you talk to me, tell me stories, explain me things, it is fun to be with you and around you. I miss you a lot.

There is nothing in this world which can take the place of a mother, love you a lot mummy.

Usne Allah kehne sikhaya hame
Or Muhammad he kya bataya hame
Ya Ali kehke usney Uthaya hame
Ghod mei leke Quran sunaya hame

Farz hai ye Hamara bhi ay dosto
Haqqe awlad kuch tou Ada ham Kare
Ho sake jo bhi maaon ki khidmat Kare
Unki khatir jiyo unki khatir maro

We will never be able to repay what you have done for us, but we do our best to do what we can towards you.

Love you a lot mummy.

Youth fades, love droops, leaves of friendship fall but the love of the mother grows stronger and more.

To nominate a woman who has inspired you, please email us at [email protected] telling us who they are and why they have inspired you.