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29 November 2023 / 16. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1445

Fatima Inspires CoEJ Nominations 2018

Fatima Inspires Nominations-  2018



CoEJ - The Council of European Jamaats Nominations



Fatim is an active member of various committees of the Birmingham Jamaat. Despite working full time and having two children, she gives a lot of her time to community without any returns or gains.
She is very helpful, sympathetic and kind hearted, she always stands up against oppression and injustice and will go an extra mile to help anyone.
Fatim is the heart and soul of our family, she is always organising family dinners and get-togethers. She is very reliable and the go to person for anything. She is a dutiful wife and mother, an excellent advisor and role model for her children, and the support for her friends and family.

I pray that Allah (SWT) blesses my sister with a long healthy life so she can carry on helping and inspiring others!



Sayyida Fatima’s involvement in socio-political matters is evidence that in an Islamic society, women cannot remain indifferent and passive observers. 
Blessed with a caring, bubbly personality and big heart, Mahdiyah has always been passionate about helping others. Since she was a little girl, would always come running with the first-aid box if anyone was hurt.
Her passion to help others led her in pursuing a career as a Paramedic, a service that we often take for granted. Many of us belong to a globalised culture of attaching meanings to the perfect work idyll, giving more weight to occupations that are easy or paid well. Going against the norm, she saw the serious need of having Muslim women in the field. During times of emergency, she’s the first to arrive to the scene, prepared to save lives.

As her family, we often hear snippets of her daily encounters which makes us realise her strong will-power and determination, to leave the comforts of her daily routine for an occupation that involves being constantly on the move, in sometimes dangerous conditions. It’s a challenging role, both physically and mentally, but when we think that if, God forbid, it was our mothers or grandmothers in a critical state, how amazing it would be for them to be in the caring hands of another Khadima of Sayyida Fatima(as).

Despite being the youngest of our family, she’s encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone. We hope she inspires more young girls to do the same



And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say "My Lord bestow on them they Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood (Al Quran 17:24). We would like to nominate our mother because only we know what our mother has gone through to bring us up in to successful individuals. Thank you mum for all the sacrifices you made for us. Thank you for putting us before anything else. Thank you mum for all the namaaz-e-shab and duas that you did and still do, in the dark nights when we were all asleep. Thank you Allah for the mother you gave us. A mother that is perfect for us. Just the kind of mother you knew we would need. To our mother. May every tear that has ever fallen from your tired eyes on our behalf become a river for you in paradise!

Your children - Fatim, Sukaina, MohammedAbbas and Fatema.



Sakinabai was born in Moshi, Tanzania, and arrived in Birmingham in 1975. She served as a volunteer in Moshi from an early age. Her voluntary career continued in earnest in Birmingham. Her philosophy is to serve the community till her last breath.

She has been the Head of Volunteers for decades and can be seen in and around the kitchen in all mosque functions. She is often seen packing tabarruk, making tea, ensuring nyaz leaves the kitchen in orderly manner. 

She is selfless, highly disciplined, strict, efficient, punctual and always ready to serve the jamaat. She has ability to use limited resources at her disposal effectively and efficiently. She is the first person to come into mosque functions be it a normal Thursday/Wafat/Khushali/Wedding/Funeral etc and last person to leave! Because of her own high demanding standards, she expects her team of volunteers to be the same and as a result her group of volunteers function well together like a well-oiled machine. 

During the whole month of holy Ramadhan Sakinabai is in early ensuring the Iftar is ready to be served at the appropriate time to seniors and other members of the jamaat.

Sakinabai regularly and selflessly took the first 12 days of Muharram as part of her annual holidays so she could serve the Azadars of Imam Hussain AS day during morning and evening majalis.

For the past three years Sakinabai teaches the holy Quran in the madressa.



Fatema has been the head of sports in Birmingham for the past 3 years. Since she has been in post ladies sports has greatly improved, there is a greater variety of sports and fitness for our girls and ladies. Fatema is dedicated and commits her time and effort in developing this. If there is a gap in the committee Fatema will be there to fill that gap, when it comes to organising events for ladies, children, helping seniors with their events and decorating the mosque for a milad event. 


If Fatema sees there is something missing she will step in and make sure it happens! Fatema has 3 children and works part time, however this doesn’t stop her from giving back to her committee and dedicating her time to serve others. This is what makes her truly inspirational. 



6. Masuma Jaffer


Nominated by 5 people 
1.Sukaina Lilani
2.Shirn Sheikh
3.Zahra Sheikh
4.Quratul Ann
5.Fatima Manekia

Masumabai is an inspiration to many, for different reasons. She has a unique way of reaching people, and guiding us to see our relationship with Allah and the Ahlulbayth (as) in a completely different way. The skills we have learnt have allowed us to grow and have a closer relationship with Allah and our Imam.

The workshops she gives are phenomenal. They have enabled and inspired us to have better relationships with our children, family and the wider community. 

We have also learnt to appreciate all the challenges that Allah has send our way. We no longer see problems as problems but as opportunities of growth. How will this challenge bring us closer to Allah? How do we grow as a person?

This new initiative way of thinking has had a profound effect on us. We have developed a positive mental attitude. That you try your best and then leave the rest to Allah.

She has provided unwavering support in all matters, particularly religious in times when it is difficult to find honest and reliable guidance in the West.

She has empowered us to make positive changes, and we feel that she has honoured lady Fatima (as) in everything she has done for us. Masumabai is the most loving, generous and kind hearted person we know and is truly one in a million.



KSIMC of London operates Annex boy’s facility where boys from the age of 4 to 11 have a separate programme during Jamaat programmes such as Muharram and Ramazan dua and majalises and other wafaat and wiladat programmes. Annex boys has accommodated as many 150 boys per programme during peak events. Raziyabai has been a dedicated volunteer serving Annex boys for over 20 years. Other volunteers rotate, but Raziyabai is always in attendance looking after the boys, assisting with programme organisation and related activities, and is one of the last ones to leave the centre ensuring all the boys have been collected by their parents after the end of the main programme. She serves selflessly and is a shining example of how one should serve their community.




8. Mehtab Jeraj


Mehtab has been a foster carer in the UK for the last 26 years, supporting and transforming the lives of vulnerable children. She has been instrumental in raising children and shaping their lives; making a marked positive impact upon their development to ensure they have the same best start in life as their counterparts. Throughout this time, she has cared for over 100 children from diverse religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds – opening her home and her heart, and creating space in her family for them. In addition to this, Mehtab has been a long serving volunteer at her local Jamaat. From teaching as a madressa teacher, to leading a team as head of the kitchen for a number of years, Mehtab has been a committed individual ensuring that she always put the values and teachings of Islam into practice, and ensuring her Jamaat has always been a welcoming space. 

She has been a role model to all who have engaged with her, both young and old, encouraging them all to explore community service in different ways. Through her fostering work, Mehtab has created space and opportunity for members of the community at large to see the world through a different lens, and for many young people inspired them to be more compassionate, more respectful of difference and to give back to their community. She has personally inspired me to support vulnerable young adults and children through social justice work.



9. Nargis Khatun Kanani


November 1972, a flight from Uganda lands at Zurich Airport Switzerland, with 200 refugees on-board. Among them is a modest and agreeable young lady, named Nargis Kanani. Apprehensive though determined and benevolent, she follows her husband, Marhoom Yusufali Kanani, managing her four kids and her husband’s siblings. Uncertain about the future, she keeps on going, deriving strength from her unshakeable faith and taking examples from the struggles and the life of Imam Hussain (A.S).

Let me explain to you what she has achieved in this new country where French, German and Italian are spoken and NO English !!!
To begin with, she established the first Shia Madressah in the country and ran it successfully for 25 years (starting from home). Along with her husband and two other dedicated families, she laid the foundation of La Chaux-de-Fonds Jamaat, the first Khoja Ithna-Ashri Jamaat of the country. For many years she recited the Majlises, together for men and women, in Urdu, Gujarati and Kutchhi, as there were no possibilities to call an aalim from abroad. She joined a Swiss watch company to assist her hard-working husband financially. For that, she learned basic French to be able to manage her work. Contrary to the European lifestyle, she maintained under one roof the extended family, a tribe of 10 people comprising of the aunts and siblings of her husband. This for many years until each one settled down in stable life.
What I learn from her life: Education is very important / Never neglect community and family / Bring unity / Work hard and strive to reach yours goals / Pray Namaaz on time / Attend majlise-Hussain regularly.
Today, Nargis Kanani lives a peaceful life with her two grandchildren, her son and her Turkish daughter-in-law. Two ladies of two different cultures and languages, proving that everything is possible when there is Respect, Tolerance and Love.
Nargis Kanani, today at the age of 82, still goes walking to the mosque. She also recites the Ashura Ladies Majlis every year. She wants to make sure that the teachings of Islam are passed on to the next generation and properly percolated.
Nargis Kanani, who has become old now, is my mum. She is ill and admitted in the hospital. I am in her room, writing this article. She is smiling and reminding me to be regular in my Namaaz and Sadaqa. Tomorrow is the Wiladat of Lady Fatima Zahra (as). Mum wants me to go to the Jashne Wiladat and not to come to hospital to visit her.

In one sentence: A great lady is ordering her son to attend the Jashn-e-Wiladat of the greatest Lady of all time, Fatima Zahra (as).
How blessed I am...



Born in Mombasa, Kenya and immigrated to Birmingham in early 70s.
Husnabai has served the community in various roles. She has always served as a volunteer since her early days in Birmingham, served as the chairlady of Birmingham KSIMC multiple times, been the Head of Muhammadi Nursery.
Husnabai has served in marriage committee Me2We for many years.
She has been and is a passionate fundraiser for many worthwhile causes.
Of late she is an ardent fundraiser for Birmingham AIC and Lady Zainab Helping Hands (orphans of Syria.)

Husnabai can described as humble, hardworking, dedicated, devoted, supportive, good listener and forgiving. She has great leadership qualities but at the same time a great team player.

She is always willing to listen to new ideas, discuss rather than dismiss and where appropriate support the progress and implementation of such ideas.



Fondly known as Rubi bai, she came to Birmingham from Daresalaam in 1985. Before that, she had served as madrasah teacher at Hussaini Madrasah, girls section. She used to hold children's majalises and also volunteer her services to Mehfil/Imambargha in Daresalaam.

Rubi bai is very passionate about the Holy Qur'an. This has been the foundation of all her work as a Madrasah and Adult Education Teacher, Zakira, and volunteer in a variety of community activities. 
She has been a pioneer in Qur'an Tajweed training to Madrasah teachers as well as starting a variety of activities for Madrasah children such as Muharram majalis, Hussain Day programs and Dua classes. Rubi bai has also headed the Ghusal & Kafan committee. Her contributions in serving the community was not confined to Birmingham but also in Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Leicester and in some European Jamaats.

As part of her work in teaching children she formulated her famous book 'Qur'an - Learning the easy way' in 3 parts which is used in Madrasah's nationally and internationally. A documentary was made by group of Iranians on Rubi bai as to how and what inspired her to write the book
Her other publications include:
Noor e Imaan Part 1,2, and 3 in English
Ziyarate Ashura in handwriting which made it easier for children to recite
Dua e Shabaania
Pocket series books on Selected Prayers, Duas in the Holy Qur'an, Ziarate Ashura, Selection of Duas from Sahifa-e-Sajjadia, Dua Mujeer etc

Since arriving in the UK in 1985 Rubi bai has always served the Birmingham Jamaat with dedication and passion.
Her motto ' Always share and teach others what you know'. 'You never too old to learn'.




Raziya aunty has inspired me and I believe also many people in numerous ways. From her I am truly inspired by her character as follows:

1- Her patience

2- She is very humble

3- Very pious lady

4- Always caring

5- provides selfless services to all ages 

6- Kind hearted.

7- Her honestly

8- Her commitments

Those who know Raziya aunty Merali will agree with me that she is always a happy go person. She always wears a smile on her face (the real smile). Raziya aunty always gave her 100 percent in community services and she also ensured that everyone would be happy. I believe that in her dictionary she does not have a word description for "feeling bad" she made everyone's heart feel at comfort whenever they needed advice and guidance. She is such a loving mother to her children too. She is a walking example for each and every daughter, mother, sister e.t.c

Recently Raziya aunty migrated to London. I pray that people in London are or will be inspired by her too. I strongly believe that Raziya aunty strongly deserves this spot of nomination. May Allah s.w.t bless her and her entire family with good health. Ameen



Coming from London originally, Tehseen somehow manages to balance the duties of motherhood, directorship and voluntary leader in an incredible fashion. Mother to 2 young children, she founded and manages her own publication company, Sun Behind The Clouds, which publishes Islamic books for Children and adults.

Tehseen has been very active in Birmingham Jamaat and is credited with her visionary leadership in setting up "The Book Cave" - a children's Islamic library based at KSIMC of Birmingham. Tehseen took the initiative to contact the Jamaat as soon as space became available, secured the premises, built a team around the project, created a vision, fundraised and facilitated the creation of a facility that is still used actively today and is one of the gems of our Jamaat. 

The thriving hub of the book cave, with its great collection of books, growing membership, and regular activities is a testament to her leadership. She presented her vision and saw it through to completion with fantastic results.

Tehseen is also involved in a number of other activities and plays an active role at the Food Bank recently set up at KSIMC of Birmingham. She is selfless in her dedication to volunteering, despite her own company and young family.



I would like to nominate this person whose name may be unknown by many but her contribution in running and maintaining our community on a day to day is paramount to the fact that most of us are oblivious of what is required to do her job, which she does well! A servant of Bibi Fatima (as) as she prefers calling herself - Kaniz e Fatimah and not by her title of chairlady who rarely stands to denote her position in the community but rather a chairlady that prefers doing all the hard work behind the scenes- never expecting thanks nor praise from anyone in return. Her goal and ambition in serving is one; that lady Fatima(AS) Is happy with her service. What a motivation! And she practises that by placing the comfort of each and every member in the community before herself, her health and her family. Such dedication is rare in this day and age when most of us care and worry about our own selves, our children and family primarily.


She may be the unsung hero of our Jamaat and we may not even notice her, let alone appreciate what she does to keep the place running alongside with her husband and children as she makes us all feel that it is her duty to serve and making sure we are all comfortable. What an act of selflessness! That’s why on this platform of celebrating great women’s contribution in our community, I would like to nominate our chairlady for Fatimah Inspires for her outstanding contribution, commitment and dedication in serving our beautiful community of Wessex Jamaat.


We salute you Shelinabai Moledina for your selfless service in the name of Fatimah Zahra (as). May our Lady Zahra (AS) be happy with you and reward you amply in this world and in the Hereafter at the Pond of Kauthar.



15. Zinnath Moti


Zinnath is not only a devoted wife and mother of three, being the eldest sibling; she looks after the whole family. But her dedication doesn't stop there. In February 2017, after attending a charity event, she decided to raise £20,000 to build a Solar Water and Power System in Africa. Many of us thought it would take years but that never discouraged her. She galvanised a team around her to raise the funds as quickly as possible.  She cooked and baked continuously, even throughout the month of Ramadhan, as well as organising various fundraising events, including interfaith events. Within 9 months, she had gathered the full amount, and construction of the Solar Water and Power Centre is already underway in Somalia. But that wasn't it, she has now decided to take on a bigger project and raise a further £40,000 for an Orphan Home in Pakistan. 

In addition to this, Zinnath is one of the coordinator in the core team running the weekly foodbank in conjunction with KSIMC Birmingham and Who is Hussain Birmingham.  Furthermore, Zinnath is a student of Islamic studies, and has utilised the knowledge she has gained in co-translating Islamic books from English to French, as well as delivering child friendly majalis on certain occasions.

Zinnath's selflessness is an inspiration to all. She involves her children, family and friends, giving a chance to all to serve in the way of the Almighty.



16. Fazilat Punjani


My Sister Fazilat Punjani has done nothing but inspire me my entire life. She has always filled that big sister role especially when it came down to me. I’ve seen her go and grow through various life changes in her life and no matter what happens you will always see her smiling. 

Although she’s been in the Nursery industry for many years she decided to take matters into our own hands. She decided to get qualified with one goal in mind - to be able to provide children with an Islamic and friendly childcare services. She successfully passed her qualification in high scores. She went on slowly to start a holiday camp to give mothers that freedom of relief when dropping their children to a welcoming home during half term. Fazilat recently passed her Ofsted inspection and now is well on route to start home childcare and holiday club which already so many children have taken advantage of including my son. She also runs crèche services when there are lectures being held in the mosque. I find this so handy as I can attend the lecture in ease knowing my son is being look after really well. 

Fazilat has inspired me in so many ways. Her bravery to move with life, her commitment to stay focused and peruse her dreams, her passion for encouraging children to learn Islamic values as well as have a sense of British identity. And her perseverance to continuing to learn more and apply herself better by constantly challenging herself. She taught many children who are now mothers and fathers and are bringing their children to her. She brings smiles on people faces and the most important lesson I’ve learnt from her is you can achieve your dreams no matter what.

Thanks Didi for being there for me when needed. I wish you all the best and great success to your business of Fazilat’s Little Friends!



I nominate Waheeda Aunty because she has inspired my boys and many of the boys in our community that have attended the CoEJ camp. She has given her endless time and put in a lot of effort to make the boys comfortable and they learn to nurture and to succeed in physical, educational, personal and spiritual needs and to serve the community. MashAllah she has done wonderful job.


My mum is currently head of the interfaith team in Birmingham, and has done a fantastic job growing it over the past 5 years.

Starting on her own, visiting churches and building bridges with people of other faiths, she has grown the team into 40+ people who are trained and empowered to be ambassadors of the mosque, visiting other places of worship and spreading the message. From hosting school visits to hosting a street iftar for 2000+ people, she has been an inspiration in spreading the pristine teachings of the AhlulBayt (a.s) to others.



19. Shenaz Sajan


It is sometimes unbelievable that Shenaz Sajan is just one person - in many ways she can be seen as an institution. Shenaz aunty is a cornerstone of Birmingham Jamaat, ever present and ever ready to take on a project or help out where she is needed. She is involved in a number of projects; indeed it would appear all her time is spent in service.

As well as being involved in Madressa and elsewhere in the Jamaat, Shenaz aunty has led the Interfaith team to new heights at Birmingham Jamaat. The interfaith team - now with its own brand: Clifton Mosque Interfaith - is one of the most active subcommittees of the Jamaat. Thanks to her leadership, a large team works actively to be involved in numerous events across Birmingham.

Shenaz aunty has built and developed this team with tender love and care, picking up any slack and ensuring that KSIMC is always at the centre of interfaith activities in Birmingham. It is Shenaz auntys work that has led to Birmingham Jamaat being well and truly one of the largest players in the Birmingham Faith Community, recognised across the city as an active participant of the Citys interfaith activity.

Amongst her achievements is the leadership of the "Visit My Mosque" event of 2017, for which an award was received at Speakers House from John Bercow, and which resulted in her team training other mosques to hold such successful events. This is just one example of her leadership.

Shenaz Sajan has well and truly put the KSIMC of Birmingham on the map.




Best Wife.



Sukeina is a selfless and very dedicated volunteer and Birmingham Jamaat are lucky to have an individual like her. Sukeina is actively involved in the children's tableegh committee, she along with a team organise events  dedicated to the children. Nothing can stop Sukeina when it comes to giving back the committee! 


I recall her shovelling snow along with a dedicated team in order for the kids milad to go ahead.  If there is an event, programme or an individual in need of help she will be there for sure. She works and has 3 children, but never stops her from giving back always putting the committee first. Sukeina is truly inspirational!


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