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24 March 2023 / 2. Ramadhan 1444

An Experience to Remember: The Kuakata Bangladesh External Tableegh Excursion

In a unique project sponsored by The World Federation, 68 participants including students, teachers and staff of the Islamic Education Centre embarked upon an overnight journey to Kuakata, one of the most beautiful seashore spots of Bangladesh, located at around 265 km from the city of Khulna on 22nd and 23rd February 2020.


This educational retreat, as a project for External Tableegh was suggested and finalised during Shaykh Nadir Jaffer’s recent visit to Khulna, where he met and engaged with all students, teachers and staff and provided many great ideas to enhance the education at the Center.



Kuakata, also called the Daughter of Sea, is an important tourist destination in the country. It is known for its panoramic sea beach from where one can have an unobstructed view of the sunrise and sunset over the Bay of Bengal.



The students had beautiful and deep reflection sessions to enhance their understanding of Islam. Apart from sports, their dedicated teachers arranged for a religious quiz, as well as teaching and memorization of Ahadith from Rasul’Allah (saw) and the Aimmah (as) and a Qira’at competition.


Prizes were given to students who qualified in the first, second, and third positions, and an educational New Year diary was gifted to all for writing their notes and personal experience.



Beside all the impartment of knowledge and enjoying the natural and panoramic beauty of Kuakata, they also visited a 200 years old temple which is a religious heritage of the Buddhists, and learnt about other Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions.


As we know “traveling is a part of education”, this academic tour has been an overwhelming experience for these students who come from very poor areas and never get any kind of outings or exposure throughout the year.



They have cherished these unforgettable moments and have thanked The World Federation for this wonderful opportunity and encouragement.


The administration staff, Haj Mohamed Iqbal Bhai expressed:


“This was a most enjoyable study tour to Kuakata for the students of Islamic Education Center which they deserved. They have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which would be reflected in their future lives. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to The World Federation once again. Students are happy and very much satisfied with this outing.”

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Updated 13 November 2013

Dedicated to the victims of the Gaza Massacre - 2008/2009

As we commemorate Imam Husayn's revolution of truth and justice, this poem considers our role as Hussaynis in a world wracked by oppression.

Muharram arrived with piercing screams
Playing children bombed to smithereens
Torn limbs shrouded in ash
Lost in the deafening blitz, blinding flash

I heard the echoes fade
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Safe in His house of peace
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This year, over two million people around the world will InshAllah flock to Iraq to commemorate Arbaeen. We share below reflections from one of the zawaars who will be going to Iraq this year and inshAllah undertake the walk from the Holy City of Najaf to the land of Karbala:

“In a day’s time, I’ll be leaving with a group of my family and friends, leaving behind everything familiar, to make this amazing trip to the land of my Imams (AS).

I cast my mind back remembering another time, another family who left their hometown, and everything they loved, to venture out into an unknown future. Except their fate was different. For Husayn and his family (AS), only the women and children were to return back. And this drives me on..