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21 March 2023 / 28. Shabaan 1444

Electronic Payments of Zakat al-Fitrah

In the name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the Ever-Merciful


Electronic Payments of Zakat al-Fitrah

(The Fitrah Alms Tax)


The World Federation has received many queries regarding the ruling of His Eminence Sayyid al-Sistani (may Allah protect him and all our Maraji’) on paying Zakat al-Fitrah electronically. The World Federation Islamic Education team has consulted with the Office of His Eminence, and the following is a clarification of this matter.


Simply by transferring an amount in lieu of Zakat al-Fitrah electronically does not fulfil the shar’i requirements for the payment of Fitrah. An individual who wishes to transfer a payment in lieu of Zakat al-Fitrah to an organisation (such as The World Federation) must appoint the person or persons responsible for Zakat al-Fitrah matters of that organisation as his or her representative/agent (wakeel) for distributing the Fitrah payment to the deserving needy. Therefore, just so that this is absolutely clear in the mind of the payer of Fitrah, it is better for him or her to make the following intention (niyyah) when transferring the funds electronically:

I am appointing the person or persons responsible for Zakat al-Fitrah matters of such and such organisation (e.g. local Jamat, Regional Federation, or The World Federation of KSIMC) to distribute this as Zakat al-Fitrah to the deserving needy on my behalf in accordance with shar’i rules, qurbatan ilallah.”


It is preferable this transfer be made as soon as possible (well before Eid night) so that The World Federation and its representatives can distribute Zakat al-Fitrah to the deserving needy in good time.


The World Federation (or its appointed agents) will ensure that all Sharia requirements are adhered to and that due diligence is carried out whilst distributing Zakat al-Fitrah in line with the rulings of our Maraji’. This includes ensuring that the appropriate intention is made at the time of segregating the Zakat al-Fitrah funds and at the time of its disbursement.


For the detailed rulings on Zakat al-Fitrah, please refer here.

For FAQs on Zakat al-Fitrah and a useful chart illustrating the rules according to when it is given, please refer here.


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