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03 March 2024 / 22. Shabaan 1445

Couples Retreat Course Terms and Conditions

Couples Retreats 2019. 

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Course Description

This course is aimed at couples who would like to improve and increase upon their Islamic knowledge with a view to deepening their relationship with one another and their Creator.


Fees and Payment:

Your application for the course is considered once the application form has been received and the deposit requirements have been fulfilled. On receiving those two items we undertake a formal selection/ vetting process. Once you have been selected for the course, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to a secure online payment system for the remaining amount due. Payment should be made promptly as your place is only guaranteed once full payment has been received.

The application deposit is non-refundable if successful applicants withdraw in the last 2 weeks before the course starts. If the participant can’t attend for medical reasons, they have to submit medical proof to the World Federation Office, and in such circumstances, a full refund will be provided. We reserve the right to alter course dates, venues and location where necessary without liability. We will endeavour to give the participant as much advance notice as possible of any such change via the participant’s email address provided at the time of booking. If the participant is unable to attend a course at the revised location or date, we will credit 100% of their course fees against a future course or, if requested, refund those fees. In the event of cancellation, where an alternative cannot be provided in respect of a specific course, we will give you a full refund.


The course fee does not include the following:


 Visas

 Transportation to and from the home city airport

 Pocket money, souvenirs

 Health insurance

 Medical expenses

 Travel insurance

 Shopping

 Any extra days spent in Iran before or after the course

 Airport pick-up/drop off outside of stated time frames and locations

The course fee has remained the same for the past 3 years and is charged at the bare minimum that we expect to cover our costs. Please be aware that if there is any surplus (for example, due to favourable exchange rates), this will be carried forward in order to benefit participants in future courses.


Disciplinary Action:

The World Federation of KSIMC reserves the right to remove any attendee from their course should their behaviour be deemed inappropriate. In such event, no refund of course fees or other costs will be made.

Breach of any of these terms and conditions will lead to action being taken by the mentors and The World Federation of KSIMC’s Team. This can vary from:


* Verbal warning 

* Written warning and consultation with the WF and / or the parents of the student

* Penalization (imposed at the discretion of the organizers)

* Exclusion



We expect that you will conduct yourselves appropriately in line with our faith and the World Federation of KSIMC ethos and that you will cooperate as part of the group rather than following your own schedule. You will of course be required to maintain punctuality. Smoking in classes is not permitted. Participants must cooperate as part of the group rather than following their own schedule.


Dress Code:

All participants must maintain a smart, presentable and appropriate appearance at all times when attending training courses.


Must not wear jeans, short sleeve t-shirts or tracksuit bottoms (bearing in mind the culture and holy places that will be visited). Long sleeves must be worn at all times except during sports. Recommended clothing: Khanzus / Dishdashas


Must observe full hijab including non-transparent socks, no application of makeup and no application of perfume. Women will receive Iranian chadoors – however, if you are in possession of one already, please bring it with you.


Accessibility and special dietary requirements:

Participants should indicate while completing the application form if they have special dietary or medical requirements. We will strive to arrange for special meals, however, if any special food is required, please make sure to carry them with you. Participants will be responsible for bringing any necessary required medications for allergies or other medical conditions.



The World Federation of KSIMC does not accept responsibility for participant’s personal belongings or valuables. Please do not bring expensive jewellery, iPods, mobile phones or any electronic devices. These remain the responsibility of the individual participants.



In case of injury/accident during the course, the participant will be taken to the hospital. If their health is determined to be serious, or such that in the view of the organisers, they will be unable to continue the course with full capacity, the participant will be sent back home. The participant will be responsible for covering the return expense.

It is mandatory for all participants to obtain travel/health insurance for the trip. If you have applied via your regional federation, please check if the cost includes travel insurance with appropriate medical cover.

List of items (to take) for the trip:


 Small backpack/pouch 

 Camera

 Dua/Ziyarat book

 Lucozade/Glucose tablets

 Toiletries

 Slippers

 Swimwear

 All necessary clothing including undergarments and socks

 Walking shoes/Trainers and Sandals: suitable for mountain climbing and sports.

 Necessary medication for sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea – if you have any prescribed or non-prescribed medication that is needed during the trip, please bring them clearly labelled with your full name.

Note: Expenses such as laundry, shopping and extra luggage will not be covered. We believe a max of £300.00 will be sufficient additional spending money. All else is included in the trip.


Media Consent:

During the course we will take photographs and videos. We may use these images and video footage on our website and social media to promote the course. The photographs taken by the organizers may also be shared with the student’s parents, donors and regional partners.



Please note, the course is not suitable for children and unfortunately, no child care arrangements can be made.

You can download the Terms and Conditions in PDF form here.


Thank you for your cooperation. 

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