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23 February 2024 / 13. Shabaan 1445

The companions of Imam Hussain (as) - Zuhayr ibn Qayn



Name: Zuhayr ibn Qayn

From: Kufa

Date & Place of Martyrdom: 10th Muharram 61 AH, Karbala


What does it take to turn a heart?  Sincerity, truth and guidance from Allah (SWT).  When the Almighty intends to honour someone, then there is no one who can dishonour that person.  This is shown in no better a narration than that of Zuhayr ibn Qayn.


A companion of the Prophet (as) from Kufa, Zuhayr was returning from Makkah with some companions when they happened to meet the caravan of Imam Husayn (as). Zuhayr was known to have supported Uthman and not Imam Ali (as) (source: maqtal abu mikhnaf) and he was so disinclined to meet with Imam (as) that he avoided stopping near him and would always go ahead or remain behind.


However, there came a time when he had no choice but to set up camp in the same place that Imam (as) had.  History states that Imam (as) sent a messenger to summon Zuhayr and at first Zuhayr hesitated.  His wife, Dalham, admonished him, saying: "Glory be to Allah! Does the son of the Prophet ask for you and do you hesitate to go? Why do you not go to him and hear what he has to say?" Shaken by the truth of this question, he went to see Imam (as) and when he returned, he was a changed man.  His face was bright with joy and he bid farewell to his companions and wife, telling them that he was going to join Imam (as). (Source: Kitab al-Irshad)


Although he knew that what awaited him was a battle and death, Zuhayr's excitement and eagerness to gain the Pleasure of Allah (SWT) was infectious.  He was an old man, but on the eve of Ashura,  he declared, "I swear by Allah, O Husayn (as), that I want no more than to be killed a thousand times over in order to save you and your family from the hands of these godless people." (Source: Kitab al-Irshad)


May it be that Allah (SWT) should choose to honour each and every one of us and guide us towards success by His Hand in a similar fashion as He did Zuhayr ibn Qayn.



Kitab al-Irshad


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