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28 February 2024 / 18. Shabaan 1445

Al Asghery Housing Project

The Al Asghery Housing Project Completion Update

The World Federation Team are pleased to announce the completion of the Al Asghery Housing project. All praise to the Almighty. 

The housing project was established due to a need we saw our community wanted which is: affordable housing. These houses were built for the community members of the Dar es Salaam Jamaat. The scheme works as a "Rent to Own" property. After a set period of time, the owners will eventually be able to own their home.

We are currently in a process of handing over the apartments to the respective happy tenants.

Understanding the current financial times and the severe implications it can have for a family to own a home, we wanted to do our part and make this dream into a reality. This project would not be possible without the commitment and support of The World Federation Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi and The World Federation Executive Councillor Alhaj Ahmad Daya who has been the backbone of this project in soliciting funds. Our Thanks also go out to Alhaj Murtaza Merali of SANITAS of U.K. for the donation and Alhaj Gulam Dewji family (famously known as GD) from Dar es Salaam for the donation of the plot – all towards the good cause of the housing for our community members. 

The project was diligently handled by the AFED Housing Development Board members with great appreciation for their dedication and tireless services, they are; Sister Shakera Dhanani, Sister Zakiya Khamisa and Alhaj Azim Mawji.

The Allocation Team comprising of three members from the Housing Development Board and three members from KSI Jamaat Dar es Salaam namely; Br. Gulambhai Kermalli, Br. Munawer Bharwani and Br. Shaneabbas Jessa. Our gratitude to them all for their proficiency and dedication in this important task.

We wish to also recognise the Contractor of this project, M/s. Mohammedi Builders for their timely delivery and uncompromised quality and standards. We also wish to appreciate Mr. Elmon Mwafenga of G.K. Architects, the Engineer Firoz Ghor, Quantity Surveyor Joseph Chale and Engineer Telesphory Focas.

The building will be fully managed by the buyers themselves after them forming owners’ association. The AFED Housing board will be there to assist the owners’ association during the first three months in settling down etc., and thereafter will be monitoring the upkeep of the building on a regular basis, whilst the onus of good housekeeping, cleanliness, safety and management shall be with the owners’ association.

We wish the buyers a very comfortable stay and pray to Almighty to increase in their sustenance and development for the future of the families.

To learn more about the implementation of this project please visit here

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