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24 April 2024 / 15. Shawal 1445

2016 Awards for Fatima (sa) Inspires

2016 Awards for Fatima (sa) Inspires 

In March 2016, The World Federation launched this year’s Fatima (sa) Inspires campaign which aimed to recognise the many women in our community who inspire others – whether it’s through their community work, entrepreneurial skills, or anything else.

Alhamdullilah, we received 30 nominations this year.  As part of the campaign, a panel of three judges from different parts of the world selected five of these nominations that were then awarded the 2016 Fatima (sa) Inspires award.  

The five nominations were selected by considering various factors, including interaction on the social media posts, comments from others on the social media pages to support each nomination, the individual’s ‘reach’ (for example, how many people have they helped and/or inspired through their work) as well as the detail given in the nomination itself.

On behalf of The World Federation, we congratulate all of the women who were nominated.  Over the coming weeks, a small gift will inshAllah be sent to all on behalf of The World Federation.

The five nominations that received this year’s Fatima (sa) Inspires award are as follows (in alphabetical order):

1. Batul Gulani from Melbourne, Australia

Sister Batul has built up years of experience in the area of the tarbiyyat of parenting.  She also works on empowering the youth in her community and encourages others to be the very best that they can be. She demonstrates fantastic leadership qualities in the roles that she has taken on within the community. 

Sister Batul’s outstanding work has also been recognised by the Governor of Victoria in Australia.

2. Darifa Muhammad from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sister Darifa is well-known for the work that she does to help those in need around the world, particularly in Iraq.  She is a young lady who works tirelessly to share the plight of the orphans in Iraq and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in the last year alone.

3. Saida Kassam from Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Sister Saida shares her enthusiasm and selflessness in the service of others. From teaching at Madrassah to preparing meals for the needy, and all of her devotion to the refugees of the community makes her one to look up to throughout all of our lives.

4. Zeenat Ismail from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Sister Zeenat, together with her husband, runs an orphanage in Morogoro, East Africa with over 40 children.  She is an exemplary role model, who shows compassion and kindness to the many orphans in her local area that she and her family have helped.  Sister Zeenat inspires many others to give back to the local community that they are part of.

5. Zohra Rajpar from Karachi, Pakistan

Sister Zohra is an active role model for the youth in her local community and takes part in a number of various organisations.  Her work involves assisting in organising Islamic plays and being one of the youngest members of her Jamaat’s ladies committee.  Her role as a representative of the Who is Hussain initiative has also led her to becoming a country head for WIH Pakistan. 

Her ambition and drive to succeed also inspires many young girls to do the same.

On behalf of The World Federation, we congratulate these five women and all those who were nominated this year.  The awards have been given to each individual’s regional federation at the recent Executive Council meeting in Mombasa.  They will inshAllah be given to each individual in the coming few weeks.

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