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04 March 2024 / 23. Shabaan 1445

Prophet Muhammed Series

On the occasion of the wiladat of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), we will share some of Prophet Muhammed's character traits which has inspired many Muslims around the world.


‘Most Generous Hands’

Imam Ali describing the Noble Prophet, said, “He had the most generous of hands, his chest was the boldest of all. He was the most truthful of people in speech and the most trustworthy in liability.” (Mizan al-Hikmah, Trad. 6,041)


‘Pardon and Forgive’

When asked about the character of the Prophet in his house, “He was the best of people in character; he neither swore nor was obscene; he did not make clamour in the markets, and did not return bad with its like, but he would pardon and forgive.” (Mizan al-Hikmah, Trad. 6,042)


‘Return the Trust’

In Majmu’at Warram: From Abi ‘Abdillah (as) who said: “Return what has been committed to your trust, for verily the Prophet (S) used to return even the needle and thread (to its rightful owner).” Sunan Nabi (allama tabatabai Chapter 2, no 25)


‘Keep the Promise’

In al-Makarim: From Abi ‘Abdillah (as) who said: The Holy Prophet (S) had promised someone (that he would meet him) next to a large rock and he said: “I will wait here for you until you come.” Then the scorching sun became difficult for him to bear, so his companions said to him: “O Prophet of Allah! Why don’t you come into the shade?” He said: “I promised to meet him right here and if he does not come, he will be answerable for it.” Sunan Nabi (allama tabatabai Chapter 2, no 26)


‘Jovial amongst brothers’

Also: From Yunus al-Shaybani who said: Abu ‘Abdillah (as) said to me: “How do you joke around with one another?” I said: “Little”. He said: “Don’t you do it? Surely jesting is from good morals and you would make your brother happy by it. The Noble Prophet (S) used to jest with a person in order to make him happy.” Sunan Nabi (allama tabatabai Chapter 2, no 14)


‘Smiled the Most’

Abdullah b. al-Harith said, “I have never seen someone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah.” (Mizan al-Hikmah, Trad. 6,046)


‘Seek out The Messenger of Allah for Protection’

Imam Ali (AS) said, “When a situation became tense and when sides came close to each other (in battle), we would seek out the Messenger of Allah for protection, and there was no closer to the enemy than him.” (Mizan al-Hikmah, Trad. 6,051)


Compassionate to Children’

The Messenger of Allah’s approach towards dealing with children is exemplary for the Muslim Ummah. We find him being kind, compassionate and caring towards them at every occasion. One such incident is when some children were playing on the street where the Prophet(pbuh) happens to pass by on his way to the Masjid to lead the ‘Asr prayers. Upon seeing the Prophet, the children circled him, insisting that he play with them. Considering the love he bore in his heart for children, he could not decline and went on to play with them, allowing them to ride on his back, emulating a camel, whilst requesting his companion to get some walnuts. The Prophet (pbuh) continued to play with the children until the companion returned, upon which he turned to the children and asked, “Will you sell your camel for these walnuts?” The children accepted the offer and left the Prophet to continue on to the Masjid. The Prophet went on to say that, “May Allah have mercy on my brother, [Prophet] Yusuf who was sold for a few coins while I too was sold, but for a few walnuts.”[1]


Sadeed al-Din Muhammad ‘Awfi Bukhari, Jawaami’ al-Hikaayaat wa Lawaami’ al-Riwaayaat, Chapter Two, Section 2, Page 30. 


‘Kindness towards Everyone’

Once, a neighbour of Prophet (pbuh) tried very hard to irritate him. Not only did the woman throw her garbage on the head of the Prophet(pbuh) but many times she would also throw out glowing embers (remains of a fire) at the blessed Prophet(pbuh)! This continued for days, however the Prophet remained patient. One day, as the Prophet passed by his neighbour’s house, he realized that nothing had been thrown on him. He inquired about his neighbour and was informed, “Praise be to God, that person has fallen ill! She is in bed (and thus, can’t harm you now!)”

The Prophet decided to go and visit the person as he was concerned about her health. He knocked on the door, waited for permission to be granted and then entered. He went to the bedside of the ill person. He treated the woman with kindness and courtesy, totally ignoring the atrocities she had inflicted on him for all those days! She was very humbled and ashamed at her misdeeds and asked him, “O Messenger of God! The way you are treating me after all that I have done to you – is this from the teachings of your religion or is this based on your personal level of morality?” The Prophet (pbuh) replied, “This is from the teachings of my religion of Islam.” She accepted Islam and asked the Prophet to forgive her for all of the pain and anguish she had caused him.



Shirazi, Nasir Makarim, The Beautiful Parables in the Noble Quran, Volume 1, Section 3: An Expansive Spiritual Heart.

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